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Oakwood Retreat Audio – The Pineal

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO « contact Chris »   Following the illuminating presentation on the Pineal by Joseph Antell and Chris Jorgensen, we shared in a powerful Attunement focusing the current in and through the pineal. Here are the steps of the Attunement that was shared collectively. This is not a new protocol per se, rather it was an expanding experience of working with the Attunement radiation and current that can be known through the pineal. Balance the cervical life-pattern Hands together in the over-the-head Attunement Thumbs together pointed in a downward fashion into the pineal; fingers open and

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Oakwood Retreat Audio – Hospice/Grief/Death & Dying

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO « contact Chris »   One of the deeply feeling sessions at the Attunement Event was a panel presentation on the theme of Hospice/Grief/Death & Dying (Transition). To initiate this time Steve Frankel offered a ceremony using a Native American drum, honoring the four directions (East, South, West & North) and to welcome in the “grandfather” and “grandmother” spirits. This significant and powerful session was coordinated by Vicki Barbour who spoke first, followed by Jean Berman, Paul Price, Nancy Rathlou, and Donna Jorgensen. The larger group then shared a few minutes of Attunement, coordinated by

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Oakwood Retreat Audio – The Heart Field

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO « contact Chris »   One of the dynamic Attunement sessions during the recent Attunement Event at the Oakwood Retreat Center was focused on “The Heart”. Joseph Antell offered an impactful presentation on the working of the heart from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective.  Listen here:     Following his offering, I led the group in a collective “Heart-Field” Attunement (protocol below). In this Attunement the individual receiving the Attunement represented the world body of humanity, and together we worked with dissolving the patterns of “competition” and “abuse”. Heart Field Attunement Technique:           RH =

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