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Oakwood Retreat Audio – The Pineal

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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Following the illuminating presentation on the Pineal by Joseph Antell and Chris Jorgensen, we shared in a powerful Attunement focusing the current in and through the pineal. Here are the steps of the Attunement that was shared collectively. This is not a new protocol per se, rather it was an expanding experience of working with the Attunement radiation and current that can be known through the pineal.

  • Balance the cervical life-pattern
  • Hands together in the over-the-head Attunement
  • Thumbs together pointed in a downward fashion into the pineal; fingers open and covering the brain
  • Place giving hand a few inches over the pineal and receiving hand 10 inches above the giving hand; let the current intensify until it is full and strong
  • Slowly bring the giving hand up to the receiving hand (once or twice); let both hands rest together, one on top of the other; this opens up the silver/pneumaplasmic cord, welcoming the overall vibration to lift to a higher state.
  • Re-balance the cervical life-pattern

Listen to the presentation here:



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