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Planetary Attunement

by Bonnie Jo Radasch
Charlemont, MA
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Observations and Outflow of Planetary Attunement, January 1, 2020 – Portland, Maine

Following several earlier-in-the-afternoon Shared Attunements, the Planetary Attunement was focused at 3:30, following the protocol suggested by Chris Jorgensen at the Oakwood Retreat in October. The names and locations of known participants were read into the field.

So effortlessly, so quickly the energy in the room shifted… the walls “fell down”, the ceiling “evaporated” and it seemed we were gathered with so many others focusing this Attunement Radiation… from the heart of each participant… from the collective heart of the circle. Time shifted into “no-time”… there felt to be holding outside the circle from the world of Nature (trees seemed to play a prominent role) and shared radiation that felt off-planet.

When the circle concluded, we stood (thumbs left over our neighbor’s hands), pausing for a moment before lifting the radiation skyward. Another pause, as a few words were offered to close the circle.

There is Great Gratitude to all those who participated – known and unknown – there is so much Beauty in this circle of friends.

With Much Love and Deep Appreciation, Bonnie Jo and Marsea

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