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Oakwood Retreat Audio – Hospice/Grief/Death & Dying

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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One of the deeply feeling sessions at the Attunement Event was a panel presentation on the theme of Hospice/Grief/Death & Dying (Transition). To initiate this time Steve Frankel offered a ceremony using a Native American drum, honoring the four directions (East, South, West & North) and to welcome in the “grandfather” and “grandmother” spirits. This significant and powerful session was coordinated by Vicki Barbour who spoke first, followed by Jean Berman, Paul Price, Nancy Rathlou, and Donna Jorgensen. The larger group then shared a few minutes of Attunement, coordinated by Paul Price, to close our time together. Listen here:




2 thoughts on “Oakwood Retreat Audio – Hospice/Grief/Death & Dying

  1. Exquisite expression of spirit, Wendy. Its radiation is palpable.

    All blessings, angel sister,

    In Love and Truth,

    Davina xxx

  2. This was obviously a beautiful focus for attunement as the midwife for the journey of the soul! Having worked in a hospice for at least 15 yrs, I do know and value the privilege of BEING Present at such a unique time of transition and change for all concerned! The greater ones understanding OF BEING in continuum, the more we can enjoy this unique experience of BEING part of the blessing of midwifery and the rite of passage from one state of consciousness to another! For as a snake sheds its skin and the catterpillar into a butterfly so we too move and change into Angels enfolding those left behind to continue the journey of BEING IN HUMAN FORM ON EARTH,, therefore,through Attunement, it matters not whether we are Here or There!! With Love from Wendy xxxx

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