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Just Be Still

by Brendan McMahon – Dorset, England
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Having read this wonderful quote by Virginia Woolf I wanted to share it:

“For there is a virtue in truth; it has an almost mystic power.  Like radium, it seems to give off forever and ever grains of energy, atoms of light.”

One night in mid-December many years ago, I and two of my sisters were driving along a quiet country road in the west of Ireland.  Suddenly we stopped the car in awe as we looked up at the night sky.  We got out of the car, all the time gazing upwards in amazement.  The sky was covered over in a sheet of stars.

We started to almost dance with joy.  We were compelled to join in with this celestial celebration.  And yet it was all so magnificently quiet as we beheld  this overarching macrocosmic power.  We didn’t know why we were dancing but it was the only way we could express the inner joy we felt.  My sisters haven’t forgotten those moments, that night.

It brought to mind those words: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

We shared those moments in a state of inexplicable freedom and even allowed that ‘almost mystic power’ to radiate from us and thus became part of that active radiating cosmic whole, all happening in a backdrop of silence.

Yet it is easy to sometimes forget that this great power is always present for radiant use when I am alive to it.  And most especially, when those ‘sudden unexpected moments’ come along, which seem to be more frequent these days!

In relation to this Gangaji had this to say: “There is a force that is bigger than any emotion, any individual mind, any governmental mind, any ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality, and that force is trustworthy…..Just in this moment be still.  In this stillness, discover for yourself if there is a bottom to the stillness.  Then the horrors of the world no longer need to be defended against.  The stillness of being can meet them all.”

I remember in times past being told to never underestimate the power of spiritual expression.  Indeed, in right hands, this quiet power always so palpably experienced in the sharing of Attunement, and increasingly in the everyday living of our lives, can be allowed to work creatively, giving off forever those atoms of life-giving and life-changing, light.

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One thought on “Just Be Still

  1. Brendan — Your story and your writing here, give off “atoms of life-giving and life-changing light.” Already this injunction — your words, Just be Still, have succeeded in the mission, and I am brought to to sillness and to amazement in the midst of the wonder of this quiet and powerful movement, as we draw near to Solstice — Son Stand Still — and a hush comes over the living world — listen, and feel it, and hear it against the backdrop of silence. Selah

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