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Oakwood Retreat Audio – The Heart Field

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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One of the dynamic Attunement sessions during the recent Attunement Event at the Oakwood Retreat Center was focused on “The Heart”. Joseph Antell offered an impactful presentation on the working of the heart from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective.  Listen here:



Following his offering, I led the group in a collective “Heart-Field” Attunement (protocol below). In this Attunement the individual receiving the Attunement represented the world body of humanity, and together we worked with dissolving the patterns of “competition” and “abuse”.

Heart Field Attunement Technique:           RH = receiving hand, GH = giving hand

 1)  Balance the cervical life-pattern

2)  Balance the top four endocrine glands

3)  Balance anterior pituitary (RH) and the heart (GH)

4)  Balance the left side of the thymus (RH) and the heart (GH)

5)  Balance the left adrenal (RH) and the heart (GH)

A pattern of spiritual control is now established that will let the Attunement Practitioner work in the holy place. If there are other specific heart areas of need you can use any or all of the steps below.

  • Balance the heart (GH) and the left arm contact point (RH) halfway between the shoulder and the elbow (great for smoothing out arrhythmia and re-establishing true rhythm)
  • Balance the heart (GH) and a contact point (RH) behind the heart between the left shoulder blade and the spine (useful for helping the heart to increase its rate and blood pressure)
  • Balance the heart (GH) and a contact point (RH) slightly inside and a few inches above the left knee (helpful for grounding and providing a safe place for an unsteady person and lowering blood pressure)
  • Balance the heart (GH) and a contact point (RH) in the left hand just under the pad of the ring finger (assists in pulling the excess heat and chaos energy out of the heart).

At this point, the various factors relating to the heart will have been balanced and the energy brought into coherence. Carefully proceed with the next step.

6)  Place both hands over the heart, giving hand over the receiving hand—let the radiation intensify and when appropriate, a prayer request asking that the discordant pattern be dissolved and released out of the person and that the dissonant energy find resolution in the radiation of Love. Further, request that light and love fill the empty space (left by the discordant pattern) in the person’s heart and creative field

7)  Re-balance the cervical life-pattern

4 thoughts on “Oakwood Retreat Audio – The Heart Field

  1. Dear Joseph, what a lovely, HEALING, invigorating, re-affirming talk… besides being informative. Thank you so much. What you (all) do is incomparable and invaluable

    With much love and gratitude,
    Nidhi Gupta

  2. Just listened to Joe Antells presentation on the Heart…….WOW…….such a beautiful and thoughtful presentation and a powerful reminder of the core function of our physical and our spiritual heart and the crucial role it plays in the process of spiritual regeneration that is at work in my world and in the larger world as well…..thank you Joe !!!

  3. Thank you Chris. I welcome and receive your teachings with deep gratitude and appreciation. These techniques make sense and I look forward to putting them to use. I loved hearing Joe’s offering on the heart. Such compassion in his words. We are together with one heart. Very beautiful.

  4. The recording on the heart from the Oakwood retreat was very timely for me. Thank you Chris and Joseph. I have been in a process of needing and wanting to understanding the love that occurs through the field verses a personal love in attraction of the heart. In receiving misleading information from the mind I ‘ve had an opportunty to witness how the mind creates what the heart cannot understand.
    I see now Love experienced in the field is for all – without distortions of personalization.

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