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Attunement and the Plant Kingdom

by Monica Hansen, Lenexa, KS
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From the beginning of my Attunement study the endocrine gland that I have connected with most deeply is the Islets of Langerhans. The radiation through this seal provides the Spirit of Blessing and holds the plant kingdom in form on our planet. It embodies my sense of purpose here and guides my way of being in the world.

What began as a desire to bless and serve life evolved into a deep connection and an awakening to the profound oneness of myself and the plant kingdom. I was moved that the same pattern I felt in the trees and the plants was also in me. As I became more in tune with the plant kingdom I began to be able to discern the unique patterns amongst them, similar to the experience of sharing attunement with different people and feeling the individualized life pattern of each one. I was also delighted by my observation of the resemblance between the pattern that I could feel and what my eyes took in visually.

When I tend to the plant kingdom through Attunement, I am not only enfolding all plant life in a loving current, I am nurturing the Spirit of Blessing within myself as well as becoming aware of the blessings around me. It is through this quiet time that I can perceive what needs blessing in the world.

When I walk through the woods, consciously loving this creation, I radiate through my eyes, heart and hands. I feel the response loud, clear and sweet. This call, response, and eventual blending, is a musical piece that stirs my soul. I know the truth of the longing of creation to be with its creator.

Rory at my Attunement tree


Because of Attunement, my walks in nature have elevated from an enjoyable time with my dog companion to truly knowing my Divine identity as a co-creator, taking responsibility for and cherishing the plant kingdom that we sustain on Earth. This is the embodiment of our 5th Seal radiation.

The plant kingdom models the ability to be in a constant state of blessing – nourishing and sustaining all life on earth by offering oxygen, food, beauty and detoxification. Have you noticed how many plants and trees have heart shaped leaves? It’s a shape that humans connect with and find beautiful. Have you seen plants that mimic parts of the human body? You can google these images – you may find them both fascinating and humorous. There is wisdom in this imitation, humans are more likely to resonate with, and care for what is familiar.

If you would like to explore this connection and deepen your experience with the plant kingdom, simply spend time outdoors. Observe and connect with the life pattern of the plants in your yard or a favorite tree on your walks. I find it helpful to connect in person and then, during my quiet time, reconnect and share Attunement. If you do this regularly you will become increasingly aware of the way love blesses life. In my experience, that connection is profound and deeply meaningful.




9 thoughts on “Attunement and the Plant Kingdom

  1. Monica your words bring feelings of serenity. I have always associated you with flowers and the plant kingdom. I have always felt you had a deep connection to that world.

  2. Monica
    Thank you for your beautiful words. Sharing your experience of Attunement with plant kingdom. I so appreciate you and all you do to bless our world.

  3. Monica, this resounds with your spirit of blessing and resonates through my heart and soul too. I can feel the loving enfoldment in your words. The new earth awaits. The old earth is comforted by your hand. Blessing indeed.

  4. “When I walk through the woods, consciously loving this creation, I radiate through my eyes, heart and hands. I feel the response loud, clear and sweet. This call, response, and eventual blending, is a musical piece that stirs my soul. I know the truth of the longing of creation to be with its creator.”

    Thank you for sharing your awesome insight.

  5. Thank you, Monica! What a beautiful expression of how connected we are to our mother, Earth. To know our world is to know ourselves – and you beautifully articulated how when we tend to our world, we are co-creating, and participating in that profound oneness. You have taken the question, “How may I be of service?” and are answering it day by day with your daily experience of living and blessing the world through Attunement. I am inspired!

  6. Monica, I love your beautiful awareness and how it has evolved. Your blessing on this earth is so deeply felt through the experience of the plant kingdom and life itself that it radiates out and affects those around you and their ability to discern what they most powerfully have to give in their own service. It is truly magnificent to watch how nature responds and reaches out to you. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  7. To know your Spriti of Blessing with the plant kingdom resonates with caring about our earthly home.
    Walking in our own backyard reveals our own design with carefully chosen trees, plants and flowers,
    and also the native plants that have been around and adapted over time.
    My attunement is through my hands, heart and mind nurturing those that I can, and seeing native plants react to
    our high temperatures and lack of rainfall. A new scape is appearing!

  8. What a beautiful composition about the plant kingdom! You are a shining example of attunement practice and the love for the plant kingdom oozes from your every pore. Nature is such a wonderful place to find yourself. The enrichment and guidance it provides is endless. Thank you for being such a beautiful steward and setting such a wonderful example for me and many others.

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