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Feline Friendship

by Donna Blodgett, Selma, IN
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I would have had this written and sent three weeks ago but I live in service of cats, so, well, it was delayed.

It’s always great to start any conversation about cats with a clear definition, and the definition of “feline” is – relating to or affecting cats or other members of the cat family.

I didn’t choose to work specifically with these creatures, they chose me. Felines historically chose to domesticate themselves as it worked to their benefit and seemingly for their entertainment and our servitude. For me, cats have found their way into my life for a half a century now (do the math)! Cats of all kinds have sought me out for most of my life: feral, rescues, abandoned, injured, elderly, as well as several purchased purebreds. All have blessed me with lots of love, endless entertainment (both theirs and mine), and all the servitude I could handle.

I really resonate with what Rudolph Steiner, an Austrian philosopher and social reformer, had to say about cats. His perception was that the cat and the dog represented the point and the circle energetically regarding the human world. The dog is the outer circle as it protects and serves what is in its domain both inside the circle and what lies outside. The cat is the still center point where it waits, watches, and listens to both visible and invisible worlds. Focus and control are paramount to the cat. It sleeps 70% of its life. It can hear more than 10 octaves of sound.

Steiner also perceived that the animal kingdoms incarnate and excarnate from group souls of their types of animals. This feels accurate as I have worked with many comings and goings. To work with one cat is to work with all cats.

Through Attunement, my perception is that when working with cats, they are heart/thymus centered beings, whereas dogs are heart/thyroid centered. This relates, of course, to the spirit of purification (thymus) and the spirit of life (thyroid). When I was thinking on these things, I realized it is hard to separate dogs from cats as they both play such significant roles in the lives of human beings. They are both “chest” centered animals connecting heart, breath, and the ability to move quickly to action. Think of the Lion’s mighty chest. However, I mostly work with cats.

During Attunement, I like to work with my cats from chest to tail. I usually place one hand to the chest and the other at the tailbone, either “hands on” in some instances or at any distance depending on what the cat prefers. It’s always fun to find what exactly that space is (especially for the cat!). Being very energy sensitive, they will come to a still point and stay there when I find that space…too close or too far… it is not happening!

Cats can easily live well into their upper teens and early 20’s so when they pass away, they represent entire cycles of our lives. I think specific ones come to be with us for specific cycles. I like to honor this when they pass. If they must be euthanized, I stay with them, holding them. I bring them home and let them lay for the three days of the ascending cycle. I do this with an ice pack under them and rub their bodies down with several essential oils. They are then covered with flowers, leaves, and branches of the season. On the third day they are buried. This ceremony is really good if you have multiple pets as they will come in, circle and sniff them – when they walk away, they know that their companion has passed.

It is a joy and labor of love to tend and keep this part of the Garden. Cats represent one of the many ways in which we let Love radiate by simply being in Attunement. By staying in the current, those who resonate with us will be drawn to our unique perceptions and gifts. If you are as lucky as I am, you may get chosen for feline duty as well.

Donna Blodgett
A lady who loves cats, not a cat lady




3 thoughts on “Feline Friendship

  1. A large majority of folks who love Attunement have significant others of the feline pur-suation.
    Georgie-boy, after his alpha male stage, has become also a heart centered protector and we are deeply blessed.
    They do seem to receive from the code of Love specific instruction during our Global time together.
    Once he did ardently proceed to a two pawed Attunement approach surrounding my gland of Radiance and would not be denied.
    As much of the animal kingdom is suffering these days, these ones do send out a source of deep connection.
    Thank you Donna for opening this arena of our intimate work together.
    Glad to know you in this.

  2. Thank you Donna for this article. Cats have always been apart of my life, and I feel a special connection to them as well. I love how you described the point and circle of cat and dog servitude. I feel this in my own experience and love their pointed conscious focus. When you open to it, it allows you into an experience of playful surrender that makes your heart purrrrr. Their service is sometimes misunderstood but rings deep within me. So thankful for you honoring them the way you do.

  3. Thank you Donna, ”lady who loves cats”, for highlighting the mystery and magic of cats. Cats and dogs – I am a dog person – do carry a profound vibration of love for humans. Your technique and approach to sharing Attunement with our animal friends is perfect!

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