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The Horse

by Andrew Shier, Hancock, NH
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She is the epitome of grandeur, regalness, power and grace. These adjectives describe my horse, Aponi. They also describe my wife, Peri, but this article is about horses!

There are many essences embodied in the life pattern of horses that I would like to consider. I do so because these very essences are relevant to how we live in these current times of crises and revelation of a New Earth. My relationship with my horse provides me with a wonderful aperture through which the radiation of Attunement may bless my particular world. I am honored to know such a friendship.

For me, the primary starting point is this: my horse is an aspect of the face of God…it is God being a horse. We as humans also carry this spark of the Divine and therefore are in a place of oneness with these wonderful creatures. To meet them there is very fulfilling, and at times ecstatic. At the same time, it is demanding that we show up fully present. They are highly intuitive and in particular, can read the emotions and “stuff” of your heart space! As with all relationships a discovery process is needed to allow for the particular dynamics to unfold.

One of those dynamics is the essence of spatial relationship…the proper Proximity. I must be very clear about defining the perimeters of my space and not allowing her to invade it. I too, must discern how much space she requires. When circling her in a training area, this dynamic is at play. As it clicks in, the Flow that transpires is other worldly and there is Ease. As Attunement Practitioners we know the importance of clear proximity. Any notion of trying to fix or heal another, introduces a current that is dense and narrows down the aperture of Light. Accurate proximity is at play in our world. Mass migration provides a symbol of this. Questions emerge like: is this relationship still viable or in need of space, is this job still appropriate in its current form, do I need to move geographically?

Horses are the essence of Stillness personified. If we want to know an experience of communion with this creature, they are saying to us, “Slow Down.” Our trainer in Denmark had a saying he used repeatedly, “no hasting”…he is German, which translate as no rushing. Ask only ask one thing of your horse in a particular session, and when she gives it, you are complete for the day. As far as I’m concerned, knowing when to stop is an art form. Reflect for a moment on the pace of hustle and bustle on our planet and the rate of extraction of its natural resources. Slow down and listen. Something else begins to be heard from a higher level. It usually inspires our actions to be filled with a sense of grace, practicality and ease. My horse serves as a gifted aperture for learning how to live this way.

Horses are Unconditional Love. They do not judge. Once you have received their trust because you show up with a willingness to learn and are humble, you are in sanctuary space. Is it any wonder that horse therapy is so popular these days? It has provided enormous healing to veterans with PTSD, those suffering from substance addiction and with people with various forms of autism.

And finally, horses are herd animals. We adopted our two horses from a Rescue Center. Our plan was to bring one home. The recommendation was to adopt two, because if only one, he or she becomes prone to depression and illness. They have become great friends; protecting one another, breathing together nose to nose, and yes, fighting with one another at times! I mention this particularly because of an essence I sense moving in the Heaven. It is a unification of like -minded friends with a sense of divine identity and awareness of purpose. “Find your people” is a statement noted in much of what I’m reading these days. Co-hosting an Attunement Gathering currently in Portland, ME, many of those new on the scene of Attunement, comment with a relaxed sigh, “I feel like I have found my tribe.” There is an intimacy of connection weaving together in these times whose main purpose is to usher in the vibration of the New Earth. We greet this venture in Stillness, a resonant Proximity, and a heart space that flows with Unconditional Love.

2 thoughts on “The Horse

  1. I love the spatial awareness piece you bring in Andrew. There needs to be room for the vesica piscis to open. What is the right space for what is being created? And for what? I love the reminder to be aware of what is enough for the time and space we are in. Then we can start anew from an new place of union, creating what is necessary in every present moment from a place of completion. Thank you for your beautiful consideration.

  2. How beautifully you described your horse, Andrew, and the harmony and relationship with her! Reminds me of a time a few years back at my young cousin’s rodeo. I was sitting by myself at the horse trailer with two of her horses, away from the hustle and bustle of the arena, watching the sun go down. It was so calming and peaceful in that space with the horses. They are truly beautiful and wonderful beings! Thank you, Andrew!

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