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IAAP Global Conference Recording May, 2023 “Attunement – Unified Radiation to the World”

with Andrew Shier & Paul Price

Welcome to The IAAP Global Attunement Conference.

IAAP hosts  bi-monthly conferences open to all who are interested.  Each conference has a specific topic and is hosted and focused by one or more Attunement Practitioners. This recording features the presentation and wrap-up portions of the event.   The topic this month is “Attunement – Unified Radiation to the World”, focused by Andrew Shier & Paul Price.

The Conference schedule is posted on the IAAP calendar of events, and each post includes the registration info.  Please feel free to join in as you are able – these discussions generate a wonderful range of fine spiritual substance.  As the Attunement Community, we share a common ground with others who love what we love, and as we nourish the world around us then we are nourished. The Attunement Community meets in this place of sanctuary.  We hope you enjoy this conference recording.


I, along with Nancy Frederick and Liz Turner recently hosted an Attunement Gathering in Portland, ME. The process of its coming together continues to fascinate me. Several months prior, circulating in my Heaven was a compulsion/instinct to set about gathering the New England Attunement Community. I sensed an opportunity to sync up with a larger Vibration now moving on our planet and be in rhythm with it…to let Love’s Way pour forth. Low and behold, Wendy Pollock, an Attunement Practitioner and chiropractor, contacted Nancy and me to inquire if we had any Attunement classes scheduled as she had several patients who would love to learn more about this Art. One thing led to the next and we are now in the midst of hosting a 5-month Attunement Gathering.

As is sit in this circle of friends, as I did this past weekend, I am moved by not only the open hearts before me, but also by the EASE in which this all unfolded. In speaking with Paul Price this morning, who will be sharing the facilitating of the upcoming Teleconference with me, we both mentioned the great Divine Formula passed down to many of us by Uranda: Radiation, Response, Attraction, Union and Unified Radiation. It is wonderful to experience the practical application of this in everyday living.

I am blessed, like you are, to have Remembered and now embody, “That I have come that they may have Life and have it more abundantly.” I am honored by those who the Great Spirit has compelled in my direction to provide a safe container, a Field, that they too may Remember who they are and what gifts are theirs to bring. When we gather in the Place of Attunement, particularly in this current cycle on earth, all that arrives is lifted into Unified Radiation…the domain of true healing and collaboration.






One thought on “IAAP Global Conference Recording May, 2023 “Attunement – Unified Radiation to the World”

  1. Andrew, I so loved what you brought to the IAAP Conference Sunday. I was not able to be on the zoom call but was able to view the video recording this morning.

    Our angelic presence is truly powerful, as you and Paul acknowledged, speaking from out of your own personal experience. The world and planetary states of instability make them most vulnerable to change. Our presence on the planet at this time is pivotal to that change. Our love casting in the Attunement Current is sufficient to bring about an upgrade in the vibrational unified field of the Collective Consciousness and thereby in that of the planet.

    There’s an ancient piece of Hasidic folklore that our world at any point in time is held in its planetary orbit by 36 conscious human beings. They may not know one another nor that they are among the 36. But the quality of their work, rising like incense into the earth’s atmosphere, creates around our fragile planet a steady bandwidth of protection, blessing and guidance.

    Well, we do know each other, and that makes our work unified and therefore more generative of the fine substance of pneumaplasm for encompassing the earth. We may radiate love without concern for results, but they are most assuredly appearing. The Body of mankind is awakening. We see it on every hand. Praise the Lord!
    With you in the radiance of love,

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