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Attunement from the Heart-Thymus Crossover Point

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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I have become aware of other dimensions of Attunement to be shared and experienced living at the crossover point. To experience these dimensions requires a living consciousness of identity in the divine – I am a Being of Light and Love having a human experience. I live at the heart-thymus crossover point in awareness and look out into the human world. This has always been true in one’s offering to share Attunement. Now, in this new day, it is about offering Attunement because one is living in Attunement!

As there are some who are living in Attunement, human society finds itself experiencing a time of intensifying transformation on the planet. The intensifying transformational changes in our human society are transpiring because of Love’s Radiation. This process is moving the world and everyone in it toward the experience of transmutation. You can see that process underway in your own life-pattern. It is unfolding in the life-pattern of the larger body of humanity as well. Patterns like the Covid fear, protests for racial and gender equality, climate and earth changes, defining spirituality/worship, setting limits for science and technology, and economic loss and redistribution of wealth are just a few patterns being heated in the fire of Love’s transformation process.

When such patterns are seen in the Attunement process, especially in ourselves, it is the perfect time to release and resolve the pattern and the accompanying stuck energy freed. Don’t put it off to another time – address the pattern when you see it. In a similar way patterns are surfacing in the larger collective of humanity which are likewise opportunities for release.

Another dimension of living in Attunement at the crossover point and its new frequency is using radiant perception in place of reflective perception in one’s Attunement process. When sharing Attunement with people in person and in long-distance work, reflective perception uses a practitioner’s life force when merging with a life-pattern in order to accurately perceive it. Radiant perception does not as perception is based on the expression of one’s divine radiation. Radiant perception opens thinking and feeling to a view of the world in terms of patterns and lines of force. This perception is letting divine consciousness expand and flow as water moves outward from a fountain’s center moving to the edges. I am looking outward via my divine radiation which surrounds the pattern. In this Attunement one begins to perceive, sense and understand the essences relative to the pattern and energies you are including in your awareness.

Attunement from the crossover point also opens up a realization of what true health is. True health and healing – physical, mental, spiritual expression and feeling health – is attainable for any life-pattern. Attunement radiation from the crossover point provides the sacred space and substance in which any life-pattern may naturally come to serve its purpose in the context of the larger whole.

I will mention one more important aspect in sharing Attunement from the crossover point. In the outpouring of one’s radiation, there is an inherent invitation extended to the life-pattern(s) being enfolded. The invitation is to come and be with me in the same radiation of love from which the Attunement originates.

The Master-Teacher Jesus spoke these words as recorded in the Bible. John 12:32 – And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.

Let us share in the expanding dimensions of Attunement and reveal the radiation of the purified heart-thymus at the crossover point. As we do, wisdom, understanding, and assurance will pour forth from us and together we can bring the blessings of true health and healing into our larger world.




2 thoughts on “Attunement from the Heart-Thymus Crossover Point

  1. Words of Jesus come to mind as I read your offering, Chris: “If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also.” I have come to live out of my heart, to purify it so that it will be a safe place, a radiant place to invite others and my world into. This is, I believe, what you are alluding to when you say “Come and be with me.”

    I am ever aware of a River of radiation pouring forth from out of my chest area, and not only when sharing the Attunement Current with others and with the world and the planet. It’s always flowing, and it has little to do with any effort on my part. It simply has begun flowing, and I feel it has everything to do with our collective presence at the crossover point allowing for a pattern of unified radiation to come into place and remain a continual flow of the fluid substance of love. As Matin once emphasized, that Current is what I AM. I AM the Attunement Current. I am not only living in attunement always. I AM Attunement always. Once I became aware of that reality, the power of love was evident as emanating FROM Me and not simply through me. It flows through my outer capacity of self but from my inner Self — and to even use the possessive “my” is not appropriate, but we have to use finite words to talk about infinite realities. More to the point, I not only live at the Crossover point of the Heart. I AM the Crossover point, the Heart of God in His Body, and I cannot come and go in and out of that crossover point, no more than I can start and stop being who and what I AM.

    As a conscious circle of angels incarnate offering Attunement to our world all these years and decades, we have established a Unified Field of Attunerment substance. Anyone touching into my field for attunement touches into this Unified Field of Radiation. I am fully aware of this, especially when participating daily with Paul Price and many others in Unified Radiation to the world.

    I appreciate the perspective you offer on perception, radiant and relative: “Radiant perception opens thinking and feeling to a view of the world in terms of patterns and lines of force.” This is particularly applicable during world-radiation times. I have at times put myself in Ukraine in the midst of the turmoil and suffering as a Presence of Peace inviting those suffering to be with me and know the peace of love in their hearts. It seems so right to do this.

    I am profoundly thankful to you and to those who work closely with you for your faithful and continual encompassment of Attunement and for sharing your wisdom and insight, born of real experience, so freely and consistently via the medium of IAAP. Blessings follow you wherever you pass. Love and Light, Anthony

  2. Chris. my first response to your offering is one of profound thankfulness. I hear you, and I see you. I will read your words a few more times and then offer my second response. Blessings,

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