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Northern Lights

by Gary Ragan, Liberty, MO
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A few weeks ago, my lovely wife, Sandy shared that we had a rare opportunity for those of us living this far south (Missouri) to see the aurora borealis. As a young child she was able to experience seeing the aurora borealis with her naked eye. Sandy had learned that on our current adventure we would most likely need the sensitivity of a camera lens to see the aurora borealis in the night sky. We live in the Kansas City area and drove about 30 miles north to leave the city lights in search of darker skies. After finding a good place to park with an open view, we waited for the show!

During that time, I called our good friend, Chris Jorgensen and told him what we were doing. Chris suggested if we had a successful night to use our radiant perception to feel for any energy contained within the lights. After it became dark, in ten-minute intervals, I would step out of the car and take several pictures of the northern skies and then jump back in the car to look at the pictures. After several attempts and no success, we began to wonder if it was going to happen. Then, the lights appeared!








We were like kids in a candy store, so incredibly excited! We were texting photos to family and friends and having so much fun. I continued my process of taking pictures over the next hour or so when I remembered Chris’ suggestion. After a few deep breathes, I opened up my heart, my feeling realm, and felt a wonderful state of calmness and peace wash over me. It was an incredible evening! I shared our experience with my local men’s Attunement group thinking that would bring my northern lights story to a close. That wasn’t to be. And as I continued thinking and feeling about our time in the lights, I became aware of so much more that had taken place and of what had surrounded us that night.

I am a part of the International Planetary Attunement Team (IPAT) and in the process of sharing regular attunements with the Earth, I have become much more aware of its – the planet’s – energy systems. The Earth has a field (aura) and a grid of surrounding energy lines known as lay lines. The human body has a very similar energetic system, consisting of a field (aura), endocrine glands, and an acupuncture meridian system. By continuing to share attunements with what I felt that night, I came to a new understanding. The solar flares provide the Earth, and its inhabitants, with universal (solar flares don’t just impact the Earth) guidance and information for the creative process, for God’s love. For those who have seen the aurora borealis with their naked eye, they have witnessed God’s love made visible. Seen or not, via the Earth’s energy system, we are all receiving that loving surround and information with each solar flare that hits our Earth. In today’s terms, it is a software update!

When I now think of my original aurora borealis experience, the calmness I felt was result of being enveloped in God’s love. The love allowed the feeling of assurance, that all is well. We are not alone. God’s love surrounds us 24/7. And it is from this place, I experienced the feeling of calm and the feeling of complete peace. Bless the world and universe, share attunement.

An Attunement Invitation:

1. Balance self.
2. Balance the crossover points; gonads, heart/thymus, and pineal.
3. Pick up and balance the Earth.
4. Reach out and add the sun. Re-balance the Earth and Sun together.
5. Add Pleiades to the mix. Hold and balance the three together.
6. Add Orion’s belt to the collective. Hold and balance the collective.
7. Release in a spirit of love and blessing, then re-balance self.

This protocol has been a beautiful way for me to feel that I am playing my part in the creative process for the universe and our current home.




3 thoughts on “Northern Lights

  1. Gary
    Thank you for the pictures and your description of aurora borealis. Thank you for taking the time to witness this,and also the Attunement exercise.
    Your experience that made the greatest impression on me was your feeling of calmness and peace. It seemed that a door was opened so that the experience and its ramifications were seen clearly.
    After reading your article I took my four wheeled walker and walked around my neighborhood. The grass was a deep glowing green, recently mowed and trimmed. I continued on to the back of my apartment. There I came upon my drainage ditch. I call it “my” ditch because I enjoy watching the multitudes of vegetation come to life.
    The ditch is about 100yards long and 10yards wide. It is filled with dozens of varieties of plants and trees.)
    As I walked by the vegetation in the ditch and the grass on the lawn a feeling of peace and calm passed through me. I could see clearly that they play a role in the maintenance of this earth.
    I agree that sharing Attunements provides a pathway for opening the door.
    Thanks again for this wonderful expression of peace, stillness and love.
    Blessings, Mike

  2. Gary,

    WOW. The pictures were amazing and your wisdom and insight was equally amazing. You also provided a very in depth Attunement exercise. Thank you for that. I will try it later today.

    I really enjoyed the comment you made: “The solar flares provide the Earth, and its inhabitants, with universal (solar flares don’t just impact the Earth) guidance and information for the creative process, for God’s love. For those who have seen the aurora borealis with their naked eye, they have witnessed God’s love made visible.”

    When I was a younger man I served in the United States Coast Guard on an ice breaker stationed in Seattle, Washington. While serving on it the U.S Geological Society rented the ice breaker and we took a team of scientists to the arctic ocean so they could study the movements of the ice shelves and take core samples of the ice. It was an exciting experience. At the tail end of the trip we met with a Norwegian ice breaker to pick up some supplies and transport them back to Seattle. We worked non stop getting the supplies onto our ship and my job was to secure the supplies in the cargo bay. I worked for 30 hours nonstop and was totally exhausted when we finally finished. After we had finished I walked out onto the deck of the ship and looked up and saw this blue light swirling around. It was as if I could reach up and touch it. I asked myself, “Am I hallucinating due to sleep deprivation?” I then realized that I was viewing the aurora borealis. At the time I had no knowledge of the Attunement process but I do remember pondering that there is much more to life and our world than what we are taught in society, educational systems and religious institutions. I was viewing and feeling something far beyond myself.

    I now know and understand the interconnection between ourselves and God’s radiant love and I completely agree with you on your assessment that “For those who have seen the aurora borealis with their naked eye, they have witnessed God’s love made visible.”

    My personal thoughts on the aurora borealis are that they are a visual for us of the earth’s pneumaplasm. I believe the earth’s pneumaplasm is an extension of the creators love and being part of it and absorbed in it all the time, our pneumaplasm connects with it and through the crossover point we can participate with it and have an impact on it. The aurora borealis, in its movement and colors is a visual representation of our connection with the earth, solar system and ubiquity of the energy of creation from the great “I AM.” The movement is caused by the coalescence of our feeling realm with the breathing energy of our planet. It is an amazing and remarkable phenomenon to be able to view it, feel it and influence it. It really is, as you stated, a visual representation of God’s love made visible and I am grateful to have that reminder of love.

    I want to thank you for your insight, leadership and mentorship to myself and our Attunement community. You truly are a blessing for all of us.

    Love you Brother,

    Stephen Kagin

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