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Early Morning Meditation

by Andrew Shier, Hancock, NH
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Howling wind and plunging temperatures in the night prompted me to go outside pre-dawn and check on the horses. A front of very frigid below-freezing temperatures is on its way. Now back inside with a pot of hot tea, thoughts spring from the wellspring of my Spirit.

Once again, I am aware of and sitting in a profound sense of Peace and goundedness. It provides a steady holding place for all the cross currents and inhumane goings-on in so many parts of our whole, holy world. It engulfs them much like the processes of cellular phagocytosis in our human forms. This extraordinary function surrounds and isolates foreign and infectious bodies that have found their way into our bloodstream. The process transmutes them and helps to dispel them from the body through the lymphatic system. This place of Peace plays this very same role relative to what is transpiring on our planet.

My spirit currently encompasses many things that are mine to bless. These arise out of the sub consciousness and the very tissues of the body. As it is said: “Our issues are in our tissues.” I am not compelled to try and clear them. They, in essence provide a doorway into patterns looming in the world pattern. My Peace blesses them and in so doing transmutes them. The substance in which they were held is now freed up and available for the greater works. The Master Jesus, when speaking to his disciples, conveyed this: “the works that I do, you shall do also, and greater works than these shall you do.” You and I and many friends throughout the world are in this time of the greater works. Our home from which this transpires is the place of Peace. Certainly for this cause we came. Let’s keep things as simple as possible and rest in the Knowing. All that arises can be blessed and the world’s pains are healed.

And for some reason, a good pot of tea in the early morning really tops things off and we can declare unequivocally “that it is good.”

2 thoughts on “Early Morning Meditation

  1. Simple and deep words clear the recent winds calling from the Arctic core to acknowledge my full reason for treading in this incarnation.
    Worthiness is held in the firmament as a promise of what must come at the doorstep.

  2. Thanks for this. Andrew. “The issues are in our tissues” where we have access to them for transmutation. I like keeping it simple. It is all good. Bless you.

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