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The Power of Attunement

by Paul Price (Ontario, Canada)


It has been eleven months since we set this most recent cycle of unified ration in motion, specifically with regard to the Ukraine, with intent to provide a loving surround to assist in raising the vibration. This was about allowing the best possible outcome for all.

As the situation in the Ukraine rages on, many other hotspots are flaring up around the planet. Let Love Radiate Without Concern for Results. I learned this basic premise of Attunement over fifty years ago. Note to self: it does not say “without results”. The power of Attunement occurs in our holding a steady current of love and blessing that will raise the vibration on this planet, making it impossible for war, illness and disease to exist. I hold true to this understanding, to this day, though there are times I’m tempted to take a peek for a possible result.

I am thankful to all who have participated in this past year. We have experienced amazing blessings at our hands. There is still a long way to go. Many of us have the strong sensing that these are the days we have been training for; to allow greater clarification because I AM here.

Toronto and surrounding area have been my home for eighty years. Over those years, Toronto the Good, as it has been known, has boasted a very low crime rate, even as the population has grown from one million to five. However, the last few months have brought about a surge in random violent crimes; swarming, stabbings, shoving old people to their deaths. Such crimes have been occurring at a rate of two or three times a day!

Perhaps this is the backlash of our pandemic lockdowns: people out of touch with society, overwhelmed with pent-up aggressions. I think we can agree that the current state of energy these days is pretty raw. No doubt there is much more to come, on the global scene of politics and war and these situations closer to home, which is why I write this letter. My sensing is this: for the next three months, if we can band together in unified radiant blessing, as we have done in relation to the Ukraine, the power of our agreement could have a great impact on times to come, if only as a soothing balm.

There are a group of us meeting “in the field” daily at 11:30 am., EST or 16:30 GMT. I would so appreciate any who care to join us, bringing your unique blessing into the mix. If these times are not possible for you, then choose a specific time for you and possibly your group of friends. In our half hour meditation we can give thanks for the gift of life, our spiritual awareness and this beautiful planet. In this energetic field, see what specific thoughts may come to you for this blessing.

So may situations are calling for our love, now. I trust that our intent to increase the refined substance of love and truth, will assist in this purifying process. The substance of the collective radiant blessing will guide the process.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Attunement

  1. Paul, so good to read your words, made all the more potent because your lifetime of intention is behind them. I am honored to participate in the radiation, although it will be at a different time, when I’m not at work. Thank you for your continued work in Attunement.

  2. Brilliant! Thank you, Paul. I have been participating in world attunement in my own daily meditations at 7 am Mountain Time. I will now joyfully join you all “in the field” at 9:30 Mtn Time too, when possible. This year has been a new experience for me with attunement, a learning experience which has been thrilling. I am grateful for Chris’s books, which have opened up this world to me to share in service. I agree with all you say here (and note it is not “without results”; I recently read a service of Martin’s which began “World events are the magnified surface evidences of the movement of the spirit of God”).

    I am deeply thankful for you and each one who has participated in attunement service, in world radiation, weather attunement, earth attunement, so many and varied ways of blessing the earth and world and all that is therein, over the many decades. Without this, we would not be here now and in position to offer the steadfast force of the collective radiant blessing now — now, when it is so needed and so essential to returning the earth to the Lord, as the psalmist put it.

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