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A Place to Rest

by Heather Rischar, Prairie Village, Kansas
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There’s a Space, a Field, where the Seekers rest. That Space is Here and Now.

I’ve been part of an Attunement group in Kansas City, and have had Chris Jorgensen as my mentor, since around 2003 when I finished my Massage Training. I am grateful for the presence of everyone I have come to know in this Community, in Kansas City as well as through my travels to Oregon for an Attunement weekend. I have also come to appreciate the Attunement presence of others when we have met virtually.

I have always practiced Attunement for myself or with my older brother, Richard, in one way or another my entire life. He is a person who is brilliant but carries the burden of patterns of mental illness he inherited from our father who was very dark…who we divided from when I was born, and my brother was two. Generational trauma exists there. I’m grateful for the wonderful man who stepped in as my dad, the man my mom married when I was two. This gentleman is responsible for so much of the good that my brother and I experienced in life.

About a year ago last February 12th the form of my family changed when Dad died; he was my rock. He surrounded me with comfort, strength, and wisdom every day.

This change brought up some difficult emotions in my brother. We have always been so close; it was the most natural thing in the world to feel as though I needed to help him through this episode. However, due in a large part to the healing nature of Attunement and my years of experience in it, I’m grateful for the Universe providing clarity to allow my decision to rest from my need to help my brother right now. Attunement allows me to trust his ability to reach out to the strengths that he needs…and when the time is right, I can and will know how to reach out to him again.

Since putting down that responsibility of my brother and my mom at the end of last year, an abundance of clarity and Love has been bestowed upon me. I have learned to step forward out of my grief to live and form my own life and future.

I have tears of gratitude now thinking about it all surrounding me. From my lived experience as a healer through Attunement, and through being a therapist, a massage therapist, and a nurse practitioner, I have given birth to the vision of a small independent practice and non-profit that has started forming. In many ways, I feel as though this is the spirit of Dad and his many gifts living on.

I will stay in Attunement. I Trust the Current, and I will Rest in the Here and Now.

5 thoughts on “A Place to Rest

  1. Thank you, Heather. I appreciate your Presence in this community of friends that we call Attunement. What you have offered through this article blesses the world. It blessed me!

  2. Heather – your vulnerability and courage resound so clearly in your words.
    I want to read again and again about your journey and the wisdom you have gleaned from Attunement.
    I find myself in a similar place – of wanting desperately to help, heal and lift up a friend from the darkness.
    I have to restrain myself from interfering with her journey.
    And so, like you, I hold with love and remain in the field with trust and complete faith that all shall be well.
    Resonating with love – Sarah

  3. This is so beautiful! Thank you, Heather, for sharing it with us. It sometimes takes courage to “set down” a task or duty we think is ours to hold. It also takes courage to open and share one’s most tender heart space as birth is occurring. I am grateful to share that space, that field of rest, with you here and now.

  4. Thank you for this beautiful expression, Heather. I haven’t met you but I resonate with the spirit of what you are conveying here. I am with you in the Space of here and now.

  5. Thank you Heather, for sharing your route to new birth. It bestows that gift to all of us who receive in that same spirit.

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