Share Attunement, Bless The World

IAAP Global Conference Recording September, 2022 “Karma and Living at the Crossover Point”

with Chris and Donna Jorgensen

Welcome to The IAAP Global Attunement Conference.

IAAP hosts  bi-monthly conferences open to all who are interested.  Each conference has a specific topic and is hosted and focused by one or more Attunement Practitioners. This recording features the presentation and wrap-up portions of the event.   The topic this month is “Karma and Living at the Crossover Point”, focused by Chris and Donna Jorgensen.

The Conference schedule is posted on the IAAP calendar of events, and each post includes the registration info.  Please feel free to join in as you are able – these discussions generate a wonderful range of fine spiritual substance.  As the Attunement Community, we share a common ground with others who love what we love, and as we nourish the world around us then we are nourished. The Attunement Community meets in this place of sanctuary.  We hope you enjoy this conference recording.


The crossover point is the sacred place where the Radiation of Being is consciously known and shared. It is the point where Love is made visible. It is Assurance in divine Presence. The current vibration of the world is the Spirit of Purification, the crossover point – the energy, frequency and radiation of the Heart-Thymus. It is a singular point where Heaven and Earth meet.

Living in Attunement at the crossover point we find ourselves alone in our own radiation and pneumaplasm. This sacred setting is not a school, or a place to find an external leader to direct or instruct, nor is it the place of questioning. At this crossover point we know our own divine name, our sense of purpose, and the commission for the life-pattern that we have created and continually enfold in love…and, we know the answers to any of our questions.

Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.

In the July IAAP zoom call with Joseph Antell we discovered it is our pleasure to share Love’s radiation with our own life-pattern, clearing away the dross, the somatic mutations and the karma that has accumulated in our human form. No other person can provide the required cleansing radiation for oneself, a current of radiation to clear the atomic auras in the human body, and to fully open the endocrine system generating new levels of pneumaplasm – a new heaven. Likewise, humankind’s purpose is to share Attunement with the life-patterns of our planet, to clean and clear the somatic mutations of the atoms and molecules of the physical world, and to create a new heaven for our planetary home.