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Moon Magic

by Reven Bronson, Shawnee, KS
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The moon is a powerful activator in our physical world. Those of you that study the stars and planets might know and feel how different planets govern different energies or attitudes. The moon however is quite intimate with the Earth. In a recent Kansas City Attunement Session, Chris Jorgensen speculated that the Earth was once much larger than it is now and that the moon’s orbit is energetically holding the true size of the planet. Immanuel Velikovsky, among others, has written about the period of time before the moon arrived to orbit the Earth. Today’s Earth is a shrunken state compared to what it once was. Quite possibly the moon’s orbit mimics the original size of the Earth.

How beautiful that this consciousness we call the moon continues to hold space for the magnitude the Earth can no longer see for itself. How perfect that we see it as a reflection of the sun’s light.

We are in a time where the people of the Earth struggle to take responsibility for generating the substance needed to sustain ourselves and see our greater role and impact in the creation of our world. We so quickly act without the backing of pneumaplasm aligning us with Being’s love and design. Our focus is rooted in the earth, our physical existance, and not the radiance of Being that holds us.

The moon serves us here and now. It is reflecting to us the memory of our own greatness, our own light, a subtle reminder of love’s true design. The moon moves us, it pulls the tides and our emotions, waking in us a relationship to our world that has promise of union and true radiation. The moon is a physical representation of what is possible within us.

As I sit in Attunement, holding my own pattern, I can feel the outermost radiance of Who I am (where the moon sits) and the patterns of what I am dealing with and holding onto in my daily living. As the radiance of Being fills in, the patterns of my daily living find resolution and alignment with Who I am.

I sit here now on the beach listening to the crashing waves, watching the tides pull in and out with the full moon approaching, I am reminded of the universe’s true compassion. In all of our actions to manipulate the world, we are still being held by the gentle orbit of the moon reflecting to us our greatest light, cradling us, waiting for us to recognize our true potential found deep inside ourselves. Through the Attunement current, we find a relationship that connects us to the boundless, but also allows us to hold each other in the recognition of all that has been generated.

Let us honor the magic of the moon and all it provides, a perfect representation of the workings of the radiant blessings of Attunement.


3 thoughts on “Moon Magic

  1. What a wonderful consideration. Thank you Reven – and thank you, David. When I consider myself as part of a bigger whole, when I enter into Attunement with a more expanded, planetary consciousness – my awareness deepens. I looked at this July full moon with your words, Reven, in mind. I appreciated the added layer in my meditations and Attunement. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks be to you, Reven and David both, and to our spiritual forebears, for such a deeply sacred, evocative, and highly explicit articulation here — a unified one representing the true stature ongoingly ascendant in the vistic Body of the Archangel — my Body, our Body. Praise Be Ever Raised!

  3. What a fine consideration. I deeply appreciate you opening this up Reven, and there are many facets to consider, as many as there are awakened human beings to think about it. Here are a few impressions that have come to me.
    In 1942, speaking about the great creative triangles utilized in the creation of this seven-plane world, which we currently call the Earth and which he called the Whole Holy World, Uranda wrote: “The third triangle which we shall now consider originates with the sun of this solar system and extends to the point which forms this world, and the apex of this third triangle is established at the periphery of this Whole Holy World, which approximates the path of the moon in its revolution around the earth.”
    Reven, this relates to your comment about the original size of this planet, this Holy World, the heaven and the earth, the invisible and the visible aspects envisioned in Wholeness. Much is intimated relative to the true stature of this heavenly body.
    On many occasions Martin spoke about the true stature of Man—male and female; and in 1978 he said: How big are you? Insofar as our physical forms are concerned, they are not all that big. But we realize that there is more even to the external manifestation than the physical form. There is the substance of consciousness which fills the form and extends beyond the form. There are the levels of substance, seven such levels, of which the physical form is one. I suppose we could say we are seven times bigger than our physical form. Are you six feet tall? Multiply it by seven; that would take you up into the forties. Even from the standpoint of our facilities of incarnation, we are not just as small as we thought. But is that the gauge of our real size, do you think? Let us not downgrade ourselves by assuming a false humility. If there is the inclination to say in any circumstance, ‘Well I’m only one person; what can I do about it?’—You are at least one forty-foot person! So let us be assured in this regard, partly because the facilities of incarnation are a lot bigger than we had previously thought, but also because we who incarnate are any size that is needful, and we are capable of encompassing whatever is required of us—namely our worlds. Let us therefor see our worlds from the standpoint of One who encompasses them, and not from the standpoint of some little human form crouching there, who doesn’t see much beyond the end of his nose.”
    The true stature of Man. The true stature of this planet. The true stature of the Angel. The true stature of the Archangel and the Archangelic Body, which is this Whole Holy World, extending as you suggested, and as Uranda suggested, to the path of the Moon it its orbit around the Earth. And this is just the Body of the Archangel—the body and consciousness of all the Angels and all the creatures and the Whole Holy Earth itself. The Archangel and His Spirit is much vaster than that, a Body of Love which extends throughout this Solar System. How little we know—and yet how vast we are as Divine Man and Divine Woman, as Angels composing this mighty Archangelic Body which encompasses both Moon and Earth and whose One Spirit and One Substance of Love extends everywhere. Thank you so much for sharing your spirit, your stature and your writing.

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