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Attunement and Planetary Consciousness

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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I am greatly enjoying the opportunity to work with 11 others in sharing a new Attunement experience through being a part of the International Weather Attunement Team (IWAT). Due to the nature of what is held in the Team’s Attunement, patterns across the globe are being touched in Love’s Radiation. In any given Attunement session (9 to 9:30 a.m. US, Central) the Team can be working with the excessive heat in India and Pakistan, or the 1200 year drought on the west coast of North America, or the Northern Pacific Ocean, or the Eurasia Tectonic plate, or the Ionosphere of the atmosphere, or the African continent, or a Tropical Depression in the Atlantic Ocean. Sharing Attunement with these larger patterns – juxtaposed beside most of my experiences sharing Attunement with clients in the office or long-distance, one life-pattern at a time – has prompted me to expand my awareness.

The first and primary shift in consciousness of identity for many of us was initiated in our first Attunement class – I am a Being of Light and Love having a human experience. This is the true spiritual view. The Attunement radiation comes out of Being and through the human form. This basic identity shift likely needed some years of living and Attunement experience before it was genuinely one’s identity in consciousness. Consequently, in Self Attunement times I am sharing Attunement, the radiation of who I Am, with the human body-form, the life-pattern, that was and is created and sustained by Me. I am Being having a human body experience!

This shift in consciousness of who I am is done in living, not just in a class experience or in Attunement times. And, it brings a new quality of pneumaplasm into the picture – a new heaven. I am reminded of the old saying: “Before enlightenment, chopping wood and hauling water. After enlightenment, chopping wood and hauling water.”

In my Attunement work with IWAT, a few of us on the Team are beginning to understand and experience in ourselves another shift in consciousness. This is in some measure because of sharing Attunement and working with various patterns in the planet body. To put words on this shift of conscious identity, “I Am Being having a Planetary experience”. I perceive the Earth as my body, my life-pattern, and I Am in a conscious position to share Attunement radiation with any individual planetary pattern or the holy life-pattern of the whole planet.

This particular shift in conscious identity is just emerging. There remains further work and refinement in our Attunement skills to bring assurance to what I am calling Planetary Consciousness. That said, this expanded view and sense of a larger Self is present and a new level of Attunement has opened.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. (King James Version) Genesis 1:27

Man, male and female, was created in the image of the Creator, to be the representative of divine consciousness for the planet. Another way of saying this is that Man was created to hold Planetary Consciousness and to share Attunement with Eden – Earth.

I encourage any Attunement Practitioner to explore and share Attunement with the larger patterns of the Planet. You can start with a planetary pattern that you are connected to in your living, there are many choices – for example, I live on the North American continent – or you can work with the troposphere over one’s home country, or the African Tectonic Plate which includes the eastern Atlantic Ocean and all of Africa and the western Indian Ocean. The purpose is to listen and perceive with Planetary Consciousness and to steward Love’s Radiation into these larger patterns, generating a new quality of pneumaplasm for the Earth.

Today is our time to Love our world, to bless our home among the stars, through Attunement. Live Attunement, share Attunement and Bless the World!




One thought on “Attunement and Planetary Consciousness

  1. Chris, I am so enjoying working with your workbooks; the chapter on weather attunement is fascinating. Someone mentioned to me recently the story of Christ and the disciples caught in a stormy sea and their fear and his calming the waters and it occurred to me that was the first record of a weather attunement. How blessed earth is to have an entire group working consciously and regularly in this way. Earth attunement is a fertile field (no pun intended, honestly). I love the quiet attunement I share in my yard, in the pines, with the wildflowers, or watching the weather. Planetary consciousness encompasses each blade of grass and each moonbeam all at once. Only the focus changes, expands and contracts with the planet’s breath and mine. Wonderful work! Thank you, Chris.

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