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School Shootings and a Sacred Surround

by Erin Rivers – Mission, KS
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The most recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, is on the mind of many of us. This is the 27th school shooting this year. This year. It is still May. I can tell you that the school children of 2022 very much hold a pattern of fear with them each day they are in school. As a teacher, although I am “trained” each year on what to do if an active shooter presents in our building (we watch films and have a short quiz each year) I know there is no real preparation for the actual event. While holding the situation in Texas in Attunement this morning, it occurred to me that this is a reflection of the undercurrent of change that is happening planet wide. I continued holding the pattern and sending Attunement to the city, the parents, the other school kids and teachers. I felt the chaos, the fear, the anger, the sorrow. I also felt the deep well of impotence many feel in the face of tragedy. Then, like a small whisper, I began to feel a shimmer of hope, of light, of love. Focusing on that, I continued the surround but with a lighter heart.

This reminded me of two things. Firstly, there is a lot of chaos unfolding in the world right now. Things are unwinding, rearranging, winding back up, and otherwise are in the process of great change. That change is happening both on the conscious and the subconscious level. The physical and the energetic. As a spiritual being having a human experience, it is easy for me to get pulled into only seeing the conscious, physical aspect of my existence and to experience things on that level. However, the little whisper tells us all that within this change there is Spirit. This is not a guarantee that as an Attunement Practitioner I will be free of strife, but it does help me to see a bigger, broader, picture.

Secondly, this reminded me of my commitment to Service. With the turmoil of everything being disrupted, the rising fear in our society, the daily exposure to trauma and grief, we are called to hold space for what is coming. Holding space, for me, means to enfold in love, without regard for results, whatever I am called to enfold. My awareness lately has me creating a sacred space where I bless the Earth, bless the Water, bless the Air, and bless the Fire – the elements of Creation, and asking that I continue to be an instrument of divine creativity, to hold space for the planet and all the changes occurring there.

In my classroom, I feel called to enfold my students, my department, my fellow teachers, my administrators, my school. I enter my classroom in a spirit of thanksgiving. I try to walk in that spirit throughout the day – spreading Love and Light as I go. In part, I feel that this is why on the one day our school resource officer was being evaluated and had two supervisors at the school, a gun was discovered on one of our students. The situation was effectively and safely handled quickly and without incident.

Uvalde, Texas is not the last of our nation’s tragic reckoning with guns, loss, or trauma. However, it can serve as a call to our Attunement Community to continue our work with our world, holding space for Love and Light, for letting Love radiate, without regard for results and in confidence that ultimately, the One Law prevails.


6 thoughts on “School Shootings and a Sacred Surround

  1. Erin, I do feel that deep well of impotence in the face of tragedy. Reading your words gave me hope and confidence to see a larger picture and to add to focused flow of our attunement community. Thank you, I have heard the call.

  2. Erin, I love your phrase “holding space”; I have thought of it as holding steady and it is paramount in providing that sacred surround. I too love listening for that “little whisper” and knowing All Is Well even when I don’t hear it, “the signal in the noise.” It is there. As are we. Thank you for this beautiful meditative piece.

  3. This is beautiful, Erin, and deeply felt. Hearing from a teacher who holds the space for what is coming down from God out of heaven while on the front line, so-to-speak, with the innocent children, gives me a focal point to bring my love and protective current of attunement to bear. I hold you and through you the world you hold and bless just with your presence in it. I hold with you and many other angels what is coming in love and right expectancy. Thank you.

  4. Thank you, Erin. I sense that from all around the world in the body of humanity there is an upwelling of love and enfoldment for what you have been describing and bringing focus to in your words.

    I love your reference to the “little whisper”. This maintains in my remembrance the truth that ‘All Is Well’. Like you, I have whole and holy confidence in that. From that standpoint, a current of Assurance is released in the radiation of Love into the whole.

  5. Thank you, Erin. I agree. I was meditating yesterday on an article by Matthew Fox who said the opposite of evil is not good, but the sacred. That rang deeply true for me, and I realized that holding a focused flow of the attunement current is without doubt the most intimately sacred act I engage in every day — it has opened me to the most wonderful internal journey over the decades. As well, attunement has also served as my key to understanding the sacred beyond the personal — caring for people, for the earth and its environment, for listening to and belonging to our family of planets as they move in their dance.

    I am convinced that attunement and all related practices provide a clear path to experience of the sacred.

  6. Erin, thank you for this. You are expressing the value of Attunement at such deep levels. I agree we need to engage in holding space for the new order even when current happenings belie any possibility that it’s on the way. Blessings in the work you do. The children and adults are lucky to have you. We all are.

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