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Working with the International Weather Attunement Team

by Cliff Roberts, Woodland, CA
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Along with five other men, Chris Jorgensen and I spoke at the recent IAAP global zoom conference on “Sanctifying the Weather” (April 27). After the conference call, Chris and I considered the idea of forming an international weather attunement team (IWAT). I offered to coordinate the team, which I have been doing the past month.

My personal experience of sharing attunement with the weather started a few years ago and picked up in intensity this past February and March when several Kansas City Attunement Community men worked together to provide a focused attunement current surrounding the West Coast of North America. Holding together in attunement this area (pattern), which has been in a 1200-year drought cycle, we collectively agreed to the creative command, “Let there be rain in Northern California.” And it rained within the next few days. This experience of collective unified radiation was a tangible blessing for the region and for me.

IWAT members come together as a team at 2:00 PM Universal Time each day working for 20-30 minutes. Of course, it is not always possible for each one to share attunement at that time, which means that each team member participates when it is practical. We communicate through a Gmail account by which team members receive updates on global weather patterns, share perceptions, make comments, and ask questions.

During our first few weeks the team worked together in attunement holding various regions of the planet experiencing extreme weather. This included the American Southwest, which has had several weeks of fire danger due to the drought, low humidity, and wind, and also areas such as KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa, Queensland, Australia, and the Philippines. More recently we have enfolded India and Pakistan, an area of the planet which is experiencing extremely high temperatures. The IWAT has also shared attunement with the seven levels of the earth’s atmosphere. In the days ahead we will continue our attunement work with not only global weather but also the North and South Poles and the magnetic field, the planet’s crust and tectonic plates, the oceans, and the seven continents.

The current IWAT members join me in extending an invitation to any attunement practitioner who would be interested in working with planetary patterns – weather and otherwise – to participate in IWAT. You can email us at to let us know or if you have questions.




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