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Attunement: The Holy Place, the Pandemic, and the Heart

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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I was working this morning with a person on my Attunement radiation list who is handling various physical symptoms from what is being called “long-haul Covid”. From an NBC (channel 7 in San Diego) report a few days ago comes this comment: “The first signs of Post-Covid are symptoms that last longer than twelve weeks after the Covid-19 infection. Most common are fatigue, trouble breathing, change of loss of taste and smell, brain fog, headaches, and dry cough to name a few…”  The television report also mentioned that non-physical symptoms are a piece of the picture as well, like depression and feeling lost.

Several years ago I wrote an IAAP blog about finding many of the seeds of patterns relating to distortion and discord originating in the heart. Whether they are difficulties of the digestive system or reproductive problems or mental and emotional stress, these traumas and their energies eventually lead back to a disturbance at the heart level. Now, in the last two years, I am finding that many of pandemic factors also come to focus in the heart – even symptoms like brain fog and lung challenges.

While the medical world seeks direction and pharmaceutical solutions – and this can and does seem to help to some degree – another piece of the puzzle is required. I am seeing the need for a greater heart balance. I am sharing an Attunement protocol with the heart in order to reestablish coherence in the life pattern. This often leads to insight and understanding coming through the person. Interestingly enough, this helps the person to be in the flow and directing themselves as to what the next step is for them!

From my previous article: The heart represents the “holy place” in each person. The Attunement technique for creating and maintaining sacred, holy space for the heart is quite specific. The larger implications, understanding and wisdom of this approach began to open for me during a talk that Joseph Antell gave during the 2009 Attunement Intensive. Here are a few quotes from that talk where he was discussing the two aspects of each endocrine gland.…

“… The posterior pituitary holds what we have called the Spirit of the Womb. This is the spirit that is aware of all things simultaneously… There is another portion of the pituitary called the anterior pituitary… There is a different vibratory pattern to both sides of the pituitary because they have distinctive roles… The difference relates to the spirit of design and control in the person… The perfect pattern originates in the pineal and is held safe in the anterior pituitary and then moves out into creation through the posterior pituitary.

The thymus is a ‘flaming sword that turns in every direction’. It is the protector of the heart of Being, so nothing can enter in that defiles, works abomination, or makes a lie. It is the guardian angel gland in representation for each person…. The left side of the thymus handles the complexities of life, the outer human world and collective emotions… Moving to the right side, this again relates to the tender heart of the person, to their personal emotions, and that is what we are touching into. Here is the protective power of Love…

The left adrenal relates to the focus and release of an individual’s power into the world. We have described it as the Spirit of the Single Eye. You can often observe an outpouring radiation here as you work with an individual, particularly if that person is putting out substantial amounts of focused, creative energy….”

The living heart of each one belongs in the holy place, the place of Love in expression in human form. Here is how I assist through Attunement in creating this sacred space and addressing discordant patterns that defile and don’t belong in that sacred setting.

Attunement Technique: RH = receiving hand, GH = giving hand

  • Balance the cervical life-pattern
  • Balance the top four endocrine glands
  • Balance anterior pituitary (RH) and the heart (GH)
  • Balance the right side of the thymus (RH) and the heart (GH)
  • Balance the left adrenal (RH) and the heart (GH)

A pattern of spiritual control is now established and the heart will be balanced so the Attunement Practitioner can now work in this holy space. Carefully proceed with the next step.

  • Place both hands over the heart, giving hand over the receiving hand—let the radiation intensify and when appropriate, a prayer request asking that the discordant pattern be dissolved and released out of the person and that the dissonant energy find resolution in the radiation of Love. Further, request that light and love fill the empty space (left by the discordant pattern) in the person’s heart and energy field. Give thanks!
  • Re-balance the cervical life-pattern

Attunement in the holy place allows the primary vertical connection and communion with I Am, the Creator. The heart returns to its true position allowing the conscious flow of Love’s radiation to bless the person’s body and the larger world body beyond.




3 thoughts on “Attunement: The Holy Place, the Pandemic, and the Heart

  1. Sharon, thank you for your comment and question. Yes, you can work with the collective heart. That said, because there are intensities and vibrational challenges in working with the collective heart, I encourage you to do this Attunement work with others (group or team) in unified radation.

  2. Chris – Thank you so much for your insight and guidance. I’ve read it a couple of times now and it is just beautiful. It has really touched me. This heart balancing attunement feels like just what many people could use right now, whether or not they have long-haul Covid. And of course it’s great to know this important protocol for those who are experiencing those long-haul Covid symptoms. Is it possible to use this heart attunement to balance the heart of the larger body of all peoples on this earth?

  3. Thank you Chris. I have treated several “long haul” patients lately and your suggested protocol makes good sense. The dry cough appears to be the most bothersome for the patients I have seen.

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