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Update from the President

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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Today is the later part of May and I note that we are closing in on the end of the 2020-2021 fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) for IAAP. We are collectively living in a unique time which is includes the wearing of masks, social distancing, vaccines, gathering and teaching via zoom rather than being in person. While this world-wide situation has brought about a quiet time on many fronts of living, there has also been an increase in the intensity of Light and Love showing itself in a multitude of ways, specifically in Attunement. The natural world and the cosmic world are changing vibration. Attunement is the perfect means to accommodate this vibrational shift and the greater intensity of Love’s Radiation.

Being an active part of the Attunement Community bringing the Radiance of Love into the world is greatly assuring and Assurance is the key vibration shinning forth through the Thymus gland in this day – no more shame to cloud the perception. Let the new heaven (pneumaplasm) be generated!

The primary mission of IAAP continues to be two-fold. First, to assist those in financial need who are interested in attending Attunement Classes and events. Second, to maintain a website that provides a point of Light as well as containing resources and information for people interested in Attunement.

The IAAP Board added Reven Bronson as a member this year. I appreciate Erin Rivers (Secretary), Tom Hansen (Treasurer and techno genius) and now Reven for their presence and contribution as IAAP Trustees. Their steady work and friendship are crucial and much appreciated.

Here are the specifics of the last IAAP business year thus far. There is currently $15,731.72 in the bank. IAAP received $11,013.50 in donations in the last year. Thank you to all who made a donation to support IAAP, especially Joseph Antell, the Barbour Family Foundation, Joyce Ellenbecker, Nancy Frederick, Steve Lange, Brendan McMahon, Athena Coleman, Alan and Jean Hammond, EDL Northwest, Laurel Cox, Bill and Wendy Crosman, Liz Turner and Heartland Attunement. Donations can be made on the website using PayPal or by mailing a check to the International Association of Attunement Practitioners (IAAP), c/o Chris Jorgensen, 1600 Genessee St., #502, Kansas City, MO 64102.

Expenses fall into two categories. Operating costs amounted to approximately $850 this year. This includes postal stamps, registration of the Corporation, website hosting and updates, PayPal fees, teleconference hosting fees, and accounting fees for filing (non-profit) taxes. There were no scholarships in the last year largely because there were no in person classes due to the virus situation across the world.

Currently there are approximately 200 people registered on the IAAP mailing list. Anyone is welcome to sign up on the website to receive email notifications at no cost. IAAP sends email notices of upcoming Attunement events that are transpiring in New England, the Kansas City area, the Kalispell, Montana area, Southern California, the Loveland/Fort Collins area of Colorado, Canada and various locations overseas. Notices are also sent when new blog articles conveying Attunement experiences and insights are published, as well as notification of upcoming teleconferences.

IAAP hosted six international teleconference bi-monthly calls last year some through Uber and Zoom. Thank you to Andrew Shier, Joseph Antell, and Paul Price who helped me to facilitate the Sunday morning IAAP teleconference calls.

There is one Attunement Radiation Team in Kansas City (daily 8 a.m. CST) facilitated by Cliff Roberts and me. A second Radiation Team in the New England area (daily at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. EST) is facilitated by former IAAP Director Liz Turner. Those who participate on the Long-Distance Radiation Teams work with people and situations in the local region as well as with people and events in the larger world.

Also, IAAP needs some help with the website management. Is there someone in the Attunement Community who has computer and WordPress skills to help manage the IAAP website? If you do, and are interested in helping, please contact me by email for more information. Thank you!

Finally, a word of thanksgiving to each of You for being a part of Attunement wherever you are. Your participation in Attunement allows the blessings of Love/Being to be present in the world in a direct way. As President, I am glad to be able to share this overview of IAAP as it is today. If you have questions about IAAP please contact me at or Tom Hansen at or Erin Rivers at or Reven Bronson at


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