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The Heaven Above and the Heaven Below

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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Sharing Attunement is a blessing – whether with oneself, with another, with a larger collective of people or even the planet. The sharing of Love’s Radiation generates substance (pneumaplasm), transforms whatever it touches, and transmutes (spiritualizes) the world of form. Knowing how to participate in sharing Attunement is a divine gift.

Over the past year and a half, with the world experiencing wave after wave of the Covid-19 virus, much of the human world ceased its normal activity. This unique quiet time and space in busy lives presented most individuals with an opportunity to turn inward and to listen to the voice of the Creator – one’s Divine Self. Normally such “quiet space” does not appear until retirement and maybe not even then.

Sharing Attunement these past months has brought to me an awareness of a shift underway to the next vibrational level of government. This shift is occurring because there are individuals like you and me who are sharing Attunement and are generating the refine levels of pneumaplasm based in a consciousness of identity in Being. I am a Creator-Being having a human experience.

The new government is not based in any old governmental forms or rules – sovereign, warlord, tribal, autocratic, communism or democracy. It is government based on Theocracy – a sacred form of governing in which each woman and each man live as a priestess or priest and thus rule in the name of the Great Creator Of All. No human rules and human laws are necessary to dictate or control human behavior. Simply being in Attunement with the divine in our daily living is all that is required.

While there have been attempts at Theocracy down through the ages – like the recent experience in Iran where the Ayatollah Khomeini ruled and had control over the lives of people – the reality of a divine Theocracy is a NEW government revealed through each individual’s living. This is the divine design of the One collective Body manifesting on earth.

The starry heavens above reflect this divine government for all to witness. Several spiritual prophets and seers that I have read over the years mention a new world appearing when our solar system, and planet earth, exit a “cloud” where the intensity of Love’s Radiation and the brightness of Light were diminished. That day is here – the Solar System and the Earth have exited the experience of the lower vibrations under the “cloud”. The fuller and greater intensity of Light and Love are now showering the Solar System and our home, planet Earth.

A couple of months ago in the middle of March I began to notice a change in the radiation moving through the Thymus gland. Among other sensings, there is more intensity in the current. Other Attunement Practitioners are feeling that change as well. This shift, in my perception, is a change in the translation of Love’s Radiation through the Thymus gland (Spirit of Purification and the step of Assurance).

In 2003/2004 I wrote about the Thymus gland in some detail. The radiation moving through this gland creates the lines of life force around which viruses, bacteria and minerals coalesce and are formed. Here is the quote from “Attunement…the Creator’s Magic” book:

“This level [4th] is much more refined, subtler, than any prior level in experience [and previous consciousness]. Here there is no room for any movement other than to stand still in the radiation. One is at the apex or crossover point….It is interesting to note that in our fast-paced technological society, relative to individual health, there is a pandemic autoimmune crisis occurring. Most, if not all, modern diseases and illnesses have to do with the immune system and the work of various bacteria and viruses….With this Seal open, the radiation flowing, and the ascension process in motion, all the living forms vibrationally below this level will be re-polarized and re-formed. Ascension does not mean you will leave the planet. This has been the accepted religious concept or view that somehow one will disappear upwards into the clouds above the surface of the Earth, seemingly traveling into outer space…Ascension means the form of the physical, mental, and spiritual expression makeup will transform/transmute, changing into something more accommodating of the higher frequencies. In other words, what I am suggesting is that the body form will be less matter and more spirit [pneumaplasm], less dull and more graceful, less dense and heavy, becoming lighter and much larger.”

My insight on the “larger” is more space to accommodate the increasing frequencies of pneumaplasm and the new ranges of Love’s/Being’s Radiation. In my Attunement perception there is starting to be more space between the atoms, between the molecules, between the proteins that make up the life field (viruses, bacteria and minerals) where all living forms originate. Here is the new heaven below and behind all the forms of Life on the planet.

Sharing an Endocrine Attunement has never been more important to me for all the reasons mentioned above – to allow the heaven above and the heaven below to appear and to meet. And on occasion when time is short with a client or with a friend, I will share Attunement with only the pineal, thymus and gonads to let and keep open the fuller radiation of Love. Here are the steps:

RH – receiving hand GH – giving hand

1) Balance the Life-Pattern

2) Balance the current in the Pineal

3) RH over the Pineal, GH over the Thymus, balance the current

4) RH over the Thymus, GH over the Gonads, balance the current

5) RH over the Pineal, GH over the Gonads, balance the current

6) Re-balance the Life-Pattern



2 thoughts on “The Heaven Above and the Heaven Below

  1. Very informative and interesting article. Thank you for sharing what you have personally noticed and offering hope and validation on the power of living a life in Attunement. Your words always renew my hope and a deeper understanding of Attunement. Thank you and miss you and Donna.

  2. Very appreciative of the frequency of this sharing and the elevation it reflects and invokes! Grateful, Chris, for the perceptions, intuition and expressions that flow through you so keenly as a translator of vibrations, of worlds, indeed of Love’s radiation. All blessings!

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