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This Is Where I Live

by Paul Price (Ontario, Canada)


Today, let’s start with a blank sheet as we explore this area of Attunement. After all, Attunement is all about flow, an ever-emerging process that cannot be fixed in place or time. Anytime we do that, fix a pattern in place, it becomes stuck and that is really what illness is; an energetic pattern that has become stuck. Then we name it, categorize it (usually bad) and further lock it into place. But Attunement is about bringing things into flow. That’s why we work with positive and negative hands in our technique, just like electricity flows. But what empowers the flow of those who are using the techniques? If there’s no electricity (energy) to begin with, then there’s nothing to work with.

My interest is in empowering people to work creatively, whatever their chosen modality. I don’t need to convert anybody. There are Reiki masters, acupuncturists, homeopaths, massage therapists and many others who are very proficient and dedicated in what they do. But many energy workers end up getting drained. What can we offer them because of the processes we’ve learned about? Well, we know that they get drained because they are not adequately connecting with the source of that energy. It is our understanding of this One Law that allows us to stay connected to that source.

The One Law as we know it is; Radiation, Response, Attraction, Union, Unified Radiation. The gentleman who put these words to this formula, Lloyd Meeker, used the words of his time to clothe what he came to see as an irrefutable universal law. We don’t need to get stuck on the words, the clothing of another time. If we do, we’re creating a religion. What is the accurate clothing for today and those we want to connect with today? Because if these are the only words that will convey the One Law, then it is a very small law. This formula serves as a tool for people to discover their own divine or spiritual identity, for that is the crux of Attunement. Without that, knowing where to “place your hands” means nothing.

I have had a number of health issues over the years. Actually it was a severe health condition that brought me to the Attunement process in the first place. This process of Attunement did not clear up my situation. But, working together with my practitioner and identifying how the flow of spirit works is what set me free within those circumstances, not from them. That is a very powerful experience and in energy work, it is our prime concern. We can work diligently with all the right techniques and supplements etc. and still a problem may persist. However, the healing is actually occurring as one is set free within that circumstance.

Our physical bodies, minds and emotions are just the clothing our spirit chose to work through and our spirit is accepting of the limitations this clothing might produce. My question is not, “how do I get out of this clothing?” but rather, “how do I most creatively work with this clothing?” Because like it or not, this is what we’ve got. This is what our spirit chose to incarnate into in order to get a job done. Just imagine, your spirit went to the store, picked an outfit that it could most creatively work through (you) and said “okay, I’ll have to take my chances”. Look around the room at the chances! We can’t keep making excuses for the parts that don’t work all that well. We honor and respect that process and find ways to navigate it.

When I was in my late twenties, I lost most of my eyesight. After a month in the hospital, I knew this route was not going to work for me. Let me tell you, people experiencing vision loss can be very angry! I didn’t feel angry. I was looking for the ways and means to best work with this situation. I don’t make excuses for it, though I do get ticked at times. Like when I pour the mayonnaise into my coffee instead of the cream. Grrrr! But am I going to lose my cool over that? No. I just dump it out and find the cream. We make such a big deal out of things, expending energy that could be otherwise be channeled into creative use.

This formula that we have been referring to is not exclusive to any one modality. It is just the way things work. Radiation from the sun is why we have life on this planet. This planet responds to the sun (favorably for us!). If we were on Mercury, we wouldn’t be sitting here having this conversation. We’d be too close to the radiation. Likewise, sitting on Pluto we’d be too far. Proximity is very important when considering Radiation. Have you ever been so excited about something and you raved about it so much that you actually turned people off? The radiation wasn’t accurate for the situation. The right distance facilitates the right flow and there is always a response, positive or negative, and when there is a response we nurture that. We begin to provide comfort.

In a time when everything needs to be so instant, the Attunement process helps people to slow down. How many of you have found that some people will fall asleep during an Attunement or appear to be in an altered state? We are bringing them into a more natural body rhythm. Despite the noise at the Native Shelter, where I offer Attunements, the men and women often fall asleep. Experiencing their more natural body rhythm is attractive to them and makes it easier for them to awaken to their true spiritual nature. Just fighting to survive, fresh off the streets, the first thing they want is food in their bellies, a warm place to sleep and life without drugs and alcohol. But after that, some of these other pieces start to come into play. Between the teachings provided by the shelter and the energy work my partner and I bring, a new experience sweeps over them. At this point they come into union with the attunement process and in naturally reaching out to assist others, come to this place of unified radiation.

Techniques are valuable in bringing the body and energy field into balance. Every time we share an Attunement with another we are holding the reminder of their true identity and no matter what their range of consciousness seems to be, never forget that Attunement is always a co-creative process. First and foremost is the meeting of spirits. Then the emotional and physical realms can begin to resonate and come into alignment with that. We cannot fix a problem at the level of the problem. We don’t want a repaired cancer! No. Raise the vibration to the point where the disease simply cannot exist. That’s healing. Anything else is “curing” and anything we have ever cured is still with us today, even the Bubonic plague. The vaccine for Ebola will only push that under the carpet as well, though we are thankful for what it can do. In energy work, we allow a vibration to be present that says; “Come, join me. This is where I live.”

12 thoughts on “This Is Where I Live

  1. Thank you, Paul. I’ve read this conversation piece several times. Being free within our circumstances is exquisite.
    Experiencing Attunement as a flow, in the flow, allowing and being the flow of the A/C, D/C is truly remarkable.
    I took explicit notice of your tender words regarding Lloyd Meeker and the One Law.
    The deepest penetration of the magnificence of unconditional love is present in this conversation.
    I see you! I see me! I see the glory round about that I know as the everlasting, ever changing grace of Attunement.
    Blessed wishes, Paul.

  2. Paul,
    Thank you. There was not a single sentence of what you wrote so beautifully that did not resonate with me. They were words I really needed to hear. With gratitude, Jeannine

  3. Paul,
    I got to dwelling on the idea of “flow” you highlighted so clearly. The flow of life energy. And immediately I saw how the harmonic resonance between the chakras and the endocrine glands facilitates that flow. There is a flow of energy between the Root tone of a musical triad and its harmonic Perfect Fifth: Do – Sol. As soon as the root tone is sung one wants to tone the harmonic Perfect Fifth. I’ve noticed this in group toning we used to do in our gatherings, something we can’t do on Zoom. Thank you for that clear and simple explanation. My exploration into the use of sound in attunement has moved to a higher level of realization. I’m so excited.
    Love and gratitude,

  4. Thank you Paul. This spring I was cleaning out my closet as to what is fitting now. Along that same vein I was looking at my spiritual closet and what is fitting now. What do I need to let go of so that I can welcome something new. Attunement is my first love and involved more with long distant. I am also involved with a Reiki group here because that is what opened up for me. It has expanded my knowledge of energy and have met some wonderful people.
    It is all about the continuous flow of life.

  5. Such beautiful words, Paul. Thank you with all my heart. You evoke my deepest Truth and memory of the Real. As I shed a few tears, I remember. And then I embrace my current challenges rather than using my energy to resist them and push them out of existence. You have surely been an example to me of Being in the Flow — for almost five decades now. May sweet blessings and gratitude flow to you upon the current of this eternal presence of Love. May we all thrive as we let go into the power and gentleness and rhythms of that Love, thus releasing our busy worried selves.

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