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The Control of the Attunement Current as We Exit Lockdown

by Brendan McMahon – Dorset, England
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In England at present we are approaching a big step in the process of exiting our lockdown, which has lasted over three months now, with the proposed opening of restaurants, bars and coffee houses on Saturday, the 4th of July. Obviously this is fraught with danger as the chances of people being generally irresponsible regarding ‘social distancing’ could easily happen which would be catastrophic in the sense that hundreds of thousands of people’s livelihoods in service industries are at stake, the consequences possibly leading to social breakdown in a worst case scenario.

Mistakes have been made at national Governmental level where, after rules and guidelines having been issued at the beginning of this state of affairs, the key advisor to our Prime Minister was found to have broken the very rules he helped initiate. There was a general outcry about this as people in general had adhered to these rules admirably. Now, however, trust had been broken as this incident turned out to be a case of ‘do as I say, but not what I do.’

Just this week we had a few days of temperatures in the high 20s (mid 80s F) on the south coast which laid the ground for a perfect storm in that thousands of people descended on Bournemouth Beach and social distancing went out the window; with the numbers of people on the seafront it was impossible to do it anyway. A major incident was declared, and reflecting on this, after officials from the local council criticized the conduct of the hordes that came, it seemed to me that the council which is elected to govern failed to take the necessary precautions to deal with this in an appropriate way.

This series of events at governmental levels, from the top down, points to the inability of mind-made bureaucracies to carry out their responsibilities effectively. So, seeing this, what can be done?

I recall Harry Edwards, a renowned spiritual healer of yesteryear, remarking how he saw the endocrine system being the regulator, or ‘government’ in the human body. It decided what needs to happen for optimal health to be maintained. Thinking about this principle, would not Attunement, acting on the societal level have the same effect in that realm? Being in Attunement observes whatever factors are at play ‘out there,’ and acts appropriately to bring stasis. It helps to bring a measure of true control where there is seeming chaos.

Similar to new neural pathways being created in the brain due to new habits being formed; and recently, noticing the greater care being taken by so many people to ‘socially distance’, there is an increased possibility of a new self-consciousness being born. Witness the number of people who have ‘seen’ nature in its beauty and majesty for the very first time! Do these newly created lines of force, as a result of the Attunement current being present, draw people to participate in living more creative lives?

With that idea in mind, I can tune in consciously with the ‘Daily Shared Attunement Time’ each day up to July 4, remembering that no matter what outcomes occur the true solutions are already being provided.

‘And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.’ (Is. 65.24)

7 thoughts on “The Control of the Attunement Current as We Exit Lockdown

  1. Brendan – I really do appreciate your thoughts and thank you so much for sharing. I think the connection between the endocrine system and what we are experiencing (government, virus) is really important and very pertinent. I will echo what others have said – there seems like a blanket of deep fog over so many people who are tolerating and espousing such nonsensical and dangerous ideas that to listen to them can sometimes create a sense of despair. To know, really know in our bones, that there is a greater pattern unfolding and my part in all of this is to stay in the Current of Attunement fills me with gratitude and hope -and this, letting Love Radiate, is my greatest gift to the world.

  2. It is such a gift to have these various points of light gathering on this page with what is moving. A sweet island of Love and Peace. For me, it reinforces the sense of an expanding, Attuned field filled with so much incredible Beauty and Love. I am so very grateful. Love in All Directions, Bonnie Jo

  3. Chris, I really appreciate your emphasis on individual responsibility. If I AM to be the means of right function in the world, and to truly Let Love Radiate, I have to accept nothing less of myself but full personal responsibility for my own function, in thought, word and deed.

    To honour this true purpose requires that I maintain Attunement consistently in my living, to be part of the Body which is dedicated to enabling the Invisible to appear on earth in the unfolding cycles of the Creative Process in a whole and holy way, no longer distorted

    … and I love to remember ‘never to underestimate the power of spiritual expression’ and to trust that.

    In Love’s Radiation and in the Spirit of His Peace


  4. Thank you for you words. These are confusing times, I like reasons for things and sometimes they are not always evident. I like to fix things, that does work either. The only recourse is to let love radiate

  5. I always remember Roger saying “Come up to where the trouble is,nt” and that is my intent! Or Be in the World but not of it! I find these two mantras very useful! But the intensity of the human condition does pervade, which is similar to the clear blue sky and nature having a ball during human nature lock down! The unknown is the challenge but trusting that humanity is under the spotlight of God no matter what ones colour or creed! Thank God for ATTUNEMENT Universally! My love to you all! Wendy Mason

  6. Thank you Brendan for sharing your thoughts on the virus, the end of the lock down in England, and Attunement. In the United States many individual states, like Missouri where I live, have opened already and the results are the number Covid-19 virus cases have exploded. For more open societies, such as England’s and the U.S., the pattern of freedom to move about, and do as one wishes, is facing considerable challenges. Will the restrictions imposed on this individual pattern of behavior work? Will I, will you, wear a face mask? Will I, will you, do our part in social distancing? The human ego patterns of government and behavior, both individually and collectively, are changing and dissolving in the intensifying radiation of Love. The blessing of Attunement is that it gives each one of us a means to creatively handle the vicissitudes of daily living. Let Love Radiate!

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