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Radiant Perception

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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“Let Love radiate without concern for results!”

Many principles of Attunement are contained in this profound statement. These simple words are given to every Attunement Practitioner at the onset of their initial instruction. This statement provides understanding regarding the present changes in our larger human society and the imminent changes yet to come.

Today is a time of intensifying transformation by reason of Love’s radiation. While transformation – meaning a metamorphosis during one’s life cycle – has always been with us, such intensity has not. The intensifying transformation is leading to transmutation – the movement from one state/form to another state/form. The life cycle can be defined in Attunement terms as one’s own life-pattern in an individual body sense, and at the same time it can also mean the life-pattern of the larger one body of humanity. There are unresolved energy patterns in the makeup of the one body of humanity which are often reflected and experienced in the makeup of an individual – patterns seeking to be recognized and resolved with an accompanying release of the stuck energy in the pattern. Such patterns often come to the surface of awareness to be seen by the individual or by the mass of humanity. Patterns such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the protest for equality, and the economic loss/redistribution of wealth are just a few patterns being heated in the fire of Love’s radiant transformation.

How may I creatively participate in this process of purifying transformation? Share Attunement! Let Love radiate without concern for the results or expectations of that radiation. Such Attunement allows Love’s radiation to do the work at the level where it is needed. Yet a challenge remains – how to accurately perceive the energy field or pattern. One may use “reflective” or “radiant” Attunement perception.

Everyone is born sensitive and empathic. We are, after all, Beings of Light and Love having a human experience. However, without validation (parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, etc.), many of the divinely inherent abilities to feel or sense things is never developed or is lost in harsh life experiences. Connecting to the attunement process can reactivate the empathic, sensitive nature naturally present in oneself. In my early Attunement training my teacher and friend would encourage me to reach out and feel the life/energy patterns around me. To do this I would let go of the more defined me, softening and expanding my edges so to pick up and attune to the pattern of energy and/or a person, and literally merge with them. Whatever was transpiring in the person or in the energy pattern would reveal itself through a reflection in my own body via sensations, thoughts and feelings. This reflective perception was quite helpful in the office with clients and even more so in sharing long-distance Attunement. Science calls this clairsentience or clairvoyance, terms used in metaphysics meaning inner touch or seeing. You likely have a similar perception in your Attunement experience.

The caveat to using reflective perception is that it does take some of a person’s life force or life substance to accurately feel and perceive. This is one reason that some healers burn out. The requirement with reflective perception is that one must withdraw from what is being perceived without taking any of the energy of the pattern back into oneself. This is actually very challenging to accomplish because there are often deeper subconscious ties that remain from reaching out into the larger one body of humanity. Fortunately for me I was blessed to have a few conversations with Dorothy deWinton at a certain point in our friendship and it awoke an awareness in me to another kind of perception – radiant perception!

Radiant Attunement perception is possible because true identity is known and lived. I am a Creator Being of Light and Love having a human experience. I Am Being having a human (the one body of humankind) experience. I Am Being having a planetary (all life forms) experience. Radiant thinking and radiant feeling bring the experience of heaven – higher vibration/frequency, integration, harmony, flow, peace, oneness – into experience. Looking through the heart-thymus one can view the world, or the various creations (patterns) in the world, with one’s pneumaplasm. This perception opens an understanding of the world in terms of patterns and lines of force. You are not taking anything into yourself in order to perceive it, therefore there is nothing to release at the conclusion of the Attunement, but rather one is looking outward via the radiation which goes around, includes, and surrounds whatever you are discerning. Radiant perception is letting divine consciousness expand like water flowing outward from a fountain’s center moving to the edges, and in the process you will perceive and discern the subtle vibrations as they occur, often directly with your awareness which allows for different ways of sharing, knowing, experiencing, communicating and loving. Any pattern of creation, life-pattern or energy pattern will reveal the truth of itself to you. You are the Creator!

Here is an excerpt from Spiritual Perception, Radiant Vision given by Martin Cecil Exeter, April 1, 1962:

Radiant observation relates to what is spoken of as spiritual perception. It makes possible the examination of the thing itself, rather than merely what is reflected from the thing. It makes possible an awareness of the reality as opposed to the shadow of the reality. Now physical things of which we are aware through our senses cause us to have a recognition of the shadow of reality. It is not the reality itself, because we cannot observe the reality itself on the basis of reflective vision. All we can do is observe the reflection, or the shadow. A shadow is cast by something, but the something which casts it we cannot observe by the facilities which we have for examining shadows. So it is important that we should develop the ability to penetrate to the reality past the shadow if we are to begin to see the truth. The seeming, of which we become aware through reflective observation, may reveal something with respect to the truth but it does not reveal the truth itself. We may learn something about the truth on such a basis but we cannot come to know the truth on such a basis. We have to have the ability to participate in radiant vision, which is the development of spiritual perception. Spiritual perception relates to the perception of the reality rather than merely the shadow of the reality which we observe through our senses. So it is only as there is such a development of our capacities in this regard that we can begin to know the truth.

Now radiant vision is absolutely dependent upon the fact that there is something radiating through us. If there is nothing radiating through us there is no line of radiation, so to speak, over which we may observe… If there is no radiation flowing through us there is no basis for an understanding on the basis of radiant observation.

When the emotions begin to get into the picture and the individual becomes disturbed in some way for some reason, there is a reaction to the external thing, whatever it may be. In other words there is an involvement in something that is being reflected, and in that state of involvement the light ceases to shine and radiant vision vanishes away, and the individual cannot see the truth in relationship to that at which he looks… I emphasized the importance of right spirit. Right spirit relates to this matter of letting the light shine, letting something radiate through in the expression of life…

Radiant perception in Attunement is present as one lives in Attunement. While there are the day-to-day human life experiences, there is also an increasing sensing and discernment of the subtle vibrations in the various creative fields in which one lives. Wisdom and understanding come forth without the usual mental commentary or doubts. Enjoy living! Use more radiant perception and less reflective perception and…

“Let Love radiate without concern for results!”




7 thoughts on “Radiant Perception

  1. I so appreciate how the well articulated substance of Attunement contained in the words of this post, lingers in the atmosphere, of hearts and minds and in the pneumaplasmic creative field we present ourselves in as One Body.
    Having enjoyed reading this post several times, I was particularly drawn to the description of radiant perception as experienced “looking through the heart-thymus one can view the world, or various creations(patterns) in the world, with one’s own pneumaplasm.
    This has been and continues to be my experience of Radiance, radiant perception while knowing in my heart of hearts, this higher frequency of Love. This emanates out from the heart-thymus as a continuous flow of Attunement, yet as an infinity loop, always purifying that creative field. To pray without ceasing…Forever offering long distance Attunement up close and personal, not draining energy at all!
    I am so thankful to be an instrument that relays this frequency, this vibratory pattern of radiant perception, particularly as things continue to intensify in radiant action of Love.

  2. Chris, I too am deeply appreciative of your clarity in bringing radiant perception to the forefront. I love the image of the fountain pouring forth radiant love in waves. I have felt this is my daily practice and realize more and more when you see yourself as the whole planet or, even more, judgement falls away and love pours forth into the life you touch, transforming disturbances in search of clarity in ways only heaven can imagine. Thank you for sharing your radiant presence.

  3. Chris, I love your radiant tone in this missive. I echo David Barnes’ comment that Love radiating through me is the only way transformation and transmutation of the turbulent and dissonant energy in the world is possible. Thank you for bringing your light forward to once again shine the light of truth and love on the path to restoration. Blessings. Tony

  4. This is the Way, and this is the Work — and you say it so clearly Chris, with much power moving through it all. Deep appreciation. db

  5. Thank you for your words on this Chris. I remember hearing a phrase onetime which said that ‘there are only two things in life: the radiation of love, or the call for love. In the world I live in it is mostly the latter. But letting love radiate without any concern about the appearances or outcomes takes care of it all and brings it all back to love.

  6. I agree – this is a beautiful, timely and reassuring reminder of our function in the world. At the level of reflective perception there are multiple different opinions and interpretations of what is happening in the outer world. But from radiant perception there can only ever be one response to any of it, and that is Love. Therein lies the joy in living, the absolute experience of a unified field and the assurance that all is indeed well. Thank you, Chris!

  7. So beautifully and articulately said, Chris. And how relevant Martin’s words are today. I often find in moments during the day the fear of humanity is perceived, but how reassuring it is to know the truth of Spirit and the glory of the Spirit of Love in those instances. When that light shines forth, the issues being perceived are transformed into radiance and joy. Thank you!

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