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Teleconference Recording July, 2020 – Let The Radiation Do The Work

with Chris Jorgensen and Cliff Roberts

Welcome to The IAAP International Teleconference.

IAAP hosts a bi-monthly teleconference open to all who are interested.  Each teleconference has a specific topic and is hosted and focused by one or more Attunement Practitioners. This recording features the presentation and wrap-up portions of the call.   The topic this month is “Let The Radiation Do The Work”, focused by Chris Jorgensen and Cliff Roberts. The Teleconference schedule is posted on the IAAP calendar of events, and each post includes the call-in phone number and PIN.  Please feel free to join in as you are able – these discussions generate a wonderful range of fine spiritual substance.  As the Attunement Community, we share a common ground with others who love what we love, and as we nourish the world around us then we are nourished. The Attunement Community meets in this place of sanctuary.  We hope you enjoy this teleconference recording. Introduction You have arrived! I have arrived! Each Attunement Practitioner can say and reveal in living that “I am a Creator Being of Love having a human experience”. And, the Creator’s job description is simple – to let Love radiate in every moment without concern for results. Once upon a time in my early Attunement days, I shared Attunement with a woman who had abdominal surgery. I shared Attunement with her before, during, and after the surgery. All the Attunement sessions went along very well. One evening during her healing and recovery process her nervous system started to retrace, reacting to the invasive surgery. I attempted to balance her pattern to no avail. I could not fix, nor could I help, so I called my mentor Roger. He arrived and shared Attunement with her; everything balanced and released into a perfect calm. He smiled and said to me, “Just let the radiation do the work!” Letting Love’s Radiation do the work is different than helping and different from fixing. Rachel Naomi Remen, MD – author of “Kitchen Table Wisdom” and “My Grandfather’s Blessings” – states it this way in her writings: “Helping incurs debt. When you help someone they owe you. When I fix a person I perceive them as broken and their brokenness requires me to act. Fixing is a form of judgment”. The creative process of Being working over millennia, along with celestial cycles of motion, has brought the galaxy, solar system, and planet Earth to this moment – a place and time where all the vibrational factors are aligned to give each one of us the perfect setting and opportunity to release the ego-centered state and reveal the truth of Being. Blessed is each one of us. We have been educated. We have spent time with mentors. We have first-hand experience with the reality and joy of Attunement. And recently with the benefit of the virus pandemic, we have had the space and the quiet moments to actively hold and focus a steady flow of Love’s Radiation into our worlds. Now is the time to stand upright as a true woman, as a true man, and deliver what is real. Let the Radiation bring about the work of clarification, restoration and the building of a new vibrational heaven.    
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