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The Ease and Lightness of Life

Edited & Condensed
from a talk by Martin Exeter
« April 29, 1979 »


Our Father, which art in Heaven” – the heaven as close as breathing. We share the responsibility of letting His kingdom come. The kingdom of heaven is to come on earth because we bring it. We bring it into the consciousness, the awareness, of human beings everywhere. We can obviously only do this because we ourselves are in the kingdom. Wherever we go the kingdom goes. Wherever we come the kingdom comes. We would not exclude anyone from this truth. The invitation is, after all, extended to all people: Accept heaven, accept the kingdom; be willing to let the former things pass away. This should always be our word expressed by our living.

Many human beings on earth are keenly aware that the world is in jeopardy, but what to do? We know what to do. The time is at hand when what needs to be done should be made clear to human beings everywhere. As individuals we can’t be everywhere, but we can be where we are and we can make the declaration where we are, sometimes even in words. There are those occasions when it certainly is fitting to speak the truth in no uncertain terms. Human beings mull around, wondering what’s happening and what’s going to happen, and what should be done and how it should be done. If we know, then there are those occasions, certainly, when we need to indicate what we know, not to be too bashful about it. Angels are conscious of the fitness of things but they are not particularly hesitant to declare the truth when the opportunity presents itself.

…”Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.” Let this be our word to human beings everywhere because we know the truth, because we generate the substance which reveals that truth. We generate it in our own living and we have it available for others, to precede their experience in this regard. So all things may be made new; the transformation may occur. This is what we are here on earth to do. We share this responsibility together, no matter where we are. And there are others not here today who share it too. I thank God that it is so and that there is evidence finally of some waking up to the ever-present truth. It has never been absent; it has always been here. Let’s accept it and, in the acceptance, reveal the truth of it in our living, and generate the substance which enables others to experience the same thing.

One thought on “The Ease and Lightness of Life

  1. Just what I needed this Easter Saturday morning. I had to speak up strongly this morning to someone moaning on about the world scene. I reminded her that actually she could do nothing about the larger awful scene, and the only thing she could do is honour what’s right in her world and give thanks for that.

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