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by Chris Jorgensen
Gladstone, MO
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A few days ago we shared a Sunday Attunement Session in the Kansas City Heartland Attunement office/classroom. This is something usually done once a month. I love and enjoy these sacred times when the group comes together in Attunement to acknowledge the joy of oneness and to share in the radiation and light of Love. Regardless of the number of people attending, there is an uplifting current – a fine generation of pneumaplasm. The time includes hands-on Attunement, perhaps a presentation by someone and an open, focused dialogue of a particular theme connected to the current day, the larger world dynamics and the attunement process.

Following the recent Session, someone approached me and said that they felt and saw a light in the group’s midst. The comment reminded me of a statement spoken by the Master Teacher Jesus.

Jesus spoke unto them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

The light of Being, the light of Love, is the true evidence of the atmosphere of a living home. If you think about the Galaxy or the Solar System, what fills the atmosphere of such creations is light – “the light that glows”. There are moments now and then when listening to the news that I realize for the most part the surface of the planet, the affairs of humankind in particular, are in the dark – no light, no wisdom, no understanding of Being. The question naturally arises, “Who will bring the light?”

In a very specific way, an Attunement Practitioner is one who has the training and awareness of how to generate the connecting spiritual substance – pneumaplasm – which allows the light to shine again on Earth. Still, it does require being proactive in sharing Attunement.

Jean Hammond wrote in her new book “Vistas From My Voyage”: “But for a person who is spiritually awake, Self-conscious, there is no need to physically travel anywhere to find spiritual Light. The radiation from such a person turns wherever they are into a sacred site – and in fact, such a person in and of themselves is a sacred site – a luminary. Being a luminary in this lifetime, in this world is exciting!”

Over the last few months several clients have commented to me that they see light(s) while sharing in our session. One client, an ex-nun, said she saw angels of light. Sometimes the light is colorful, however more often it is a white light in which the person can genuinely relax and find a state of peace and ease.

As with anyone’s practice, clients who initially came to the door usually share something of their story and health experience. For many living has been a rough and hard road, filled with challenges, depression, sluggishness – a life out of balance and often in shambles. Yet, after a few months in sharing Attunement in a consistent way, there are positive changes. Life is starting to work for them, their world experience is softer, more malleable, and “lighter”. As a result of this changed experience many have pursued learning how to share Attunement with others and with their world.

Pneumaplasm, generated and sustained through Attunement, provides the connection between the realm of light and the material world. An Attunement Practitioner in this sense is a steward of this substance and the bringer of the radiation and light of Love to the darken world of humanity. This is profound and as Jean mentioned, exciting!

Buddha had this to say: “When a Bodhisattva descends from heaven, there appears in this world an immeasurable, splendid light surpassing the glory of the most powerful glow. And whatever dark spaces lie beyond the world’s end will be illuminated by this light.” Digha Nikaya 14.1.17

From Tricycle: The Buddhist Review: (what is) Bodhisattva? Answer: It’s an ordinary person who acts like a true adult.

2 thoughts on “Light

  1. Chris, thanks for sharing and all the possibilities. As I read about the witnessing of light that took place during peoples sharing’s I sense there is pinnacle about to transpire in the human paradigm. Other sources speak of a great washing,cleansing of light coming from a distant sun. It seems like these might be signs of this event in the beginning stages. Thank you all in IAAP and beyond for your stewardships, SHARINGS and willingness to be.

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