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by Chris Jorgensen
Gladstone, MO
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“What happens within our own consciousness obviously affects what is happening in the world which is contained in our consciousness.” – Martin Cecil, 5/20/1979

Here, stated simply, is a great secret to Attunement. What is in my consciousness when I am sharing Attunement – giving or receiving? It matters because what is in consciousness provides a focus for the radiation of Love which is reflected in the Attunement and in our form world.

Obviously, if one’s consciousness is filled with attitudes of judgment or wants and likewise feelings of hope or hopelessness or fear or entitlement, it will impede the attunement process from unfolding. The form world, the material world, is a reflection of the vibrational world. We learned this in Attunement classes – let Love radiate without concern for results. If we are trying to make the world over, fix the world, or heal the world, as though that world was separate from ourselves – out there somewhere – then we will have an endless Herculean task.

Thus the matter of spiritual expression, spiritual substance is vitally important in daily living as well as in moments of hands-on Attunement. In Attunement class we call this substance pneumaplasm. It is Spirit substance, Being substance. It is what connects Being/Spirit/Creator with Form/Creation. When one’s pneumaplasmic field is full and carrying the radiation of Love, we are in harmony with the Universe, with the Creator, with Spirit. The world is filled with peace and joy. There is understanding and wisdom in living. When this substance is lacking there are voids, holes and blank spaces – emptiness abounds.

“There are many places on the planet, and many places within human beings, that are empty, where there is a void of substance. The term void is interesting. Its most ancient root means “to leave” or “abandon.” In other words, a void is a place that’s been abandoned. They are produced by the abandonment of connection to the means of generation.” – Bill Isaacs, February 18, 2018

The point here is that value is in generating and sustaining pneumaplasm by reason of spiritual expression and Attunement in living, and not merely in what you can do physically. What a person can do physically may help to a degree as to what can be generated vibrationally through one’s living. That said, physical ability changes over the years. As I have aged my ability to accomplish physical things has diminished. As I have aged, I have also discovered that I have more pneumaplasmic substance with which to engage in the art of vibrational living. One aspect of this is revealed in the nature of the Attunements that I share which are deeper, fuller, and more accommodating of the radiation of Love.

I recall working with my Attunement mentor, Roger deWinton. I’m in my early 40’s and he in his early 70’s. He had more substance with which to discern and work with the vibrational factors relative to the people and events with whom we were sharing Attunement. I was eager to participate with him, eager to “do” and share in the Attunement. He would smile at me and say something to the effect, “it will take some years of Attunement to master the work.” He was right.

Recently, during a conversation following an Attunement session, the other person remarked that they were wrestling with a sense of worth in themselves because they, being of a certain age, had retired from the daily work setting. I reminded this person that we live in a vibrational world. Meaning and worth are not found in just doing physically or mentally, it is in generating pneumaplasm which allows the light of Love to shine. From my aging view, an older person has in potential the most spirit substance – pneumaplasm – and is consequently of great value.

Regardless of age and stage, a person can generate pneumaplasm in their living. Mankind, male and female, are present to generate and steward the pneumaplasmic substance which brings heaven, the realm of vibration, on earth and into the world of form. This is what Attunement is whether that Attunement is with oneself, or when shared with another or experienced in a group or collective setting. Let each of us take advantage of our various opportunities to live in and to share Attunement, generate (not dissipate) pneumaplasm, and “let Love radiate without concern for results” that the Earth may no longer be a desert of lacks and voids, but rather a living garden with the substance of Life.

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3 thoughts on “Stewardship

  1. Such a good reminder that although what we envision, what we imagine, we do bring into form, to be truly in Attunement means letting go of creating The Plan and instead, radiate in the knowing that when we let Love radiate without concern for results, right substance is generated. There are days when I have a very specific idea as to what is “right” and what is “not right.” Letting Love radiate does not mean sitting back and allowing wrong doing. I think there is always the need for men and women of integrity to stand up for what is right. I believe it is our practice to not be invested in a particular outcome, or hashtag, or even cause, but to continue to be invested in Attunement. Daily attention to Love and Light will in itself increase our pneumaplasm. Bloom (in Love) where we are planted and watch the flow increase. Thank you so much Chris, for your thoughts. Somehow (coincidence?) your words seem to be just what I was looking for and are so helpful in moving me more toward home.

  2. Exquisitely stated Chris. Powerfully written. Good words by Erin too. I just read this piece out loud to Anne, and the flow of the Life Current is strong, radiant and moving, moving, moving. It is very good to be Home, and let the currents of Unified Radiation flow wherever they will, to help fill the needs of the moment, in accord with the intentions and fulfillment of the purposes of the One Who Owns It All. Most excellent! db

  3. I’m warmed at heart to see your posting here Chris, and your strong, beautiful, return comments, Erin….Thank you both…

    Chris, I too relished Bill Isaac’s use of the original connotation of the word “void” meaning abandonment…. In my years of childhood, my wise parents provided us children with homes in the “wilderness”-so called, off the “grid”, not in ‘the city’!, so early on, I felt directly in touch with how the Earth and its creatures have been abandoned by humans except for exploitation of various types! I felt unique in my attention and care I gave to the natural, (so called ‘wild’) plants and animals: they were (are)my friends! I do not go into “nature” to get ‘balanced” or “uplifted”; I’ve always gone there to see how I could give a blessing into that part of my home that seems so abandoned and uncared for by most people…. As you may imagine, I have been blessed abundantly, in return! For one thing, I feel at Home in the (so-called)wilderness, wherever that may be, and regardless whether I have been there before or not…

    Erin, sincere support and appreciation for your care and attention in nurturing your own growing sense of “Home”….. It is a vitally important issue for all of us, that often comes with a lot of delusion and false belief, attached…. I would be honoured to share more with you in conversation/communion if that may be supportive for you….. Feel free to touch in…..Hopefully, my e-mail shows up….
    I love you both, Jon

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