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The Prayer of Being

by Martin Exeter

I am in heaven.
The revelation of myself is holy.
My kingdom comes because I am here.
My will is done on earth because my will is done in heaven.
I give the bread of Life in each moment of my living on earth.
I forgive, and that forgiveness is received by those who share in the spirit of forgiveness.
I lead no one into tribulation, but deliver all evil into the creative cycle.
For mine is the kingdom present on earth because I am present on earth.
Mine is the creative power of the Word.
Mine is the glory which results, shining round about, to be reflected by the world I create.



6 thoughts on “The Prayer of Being

  1. There are so many words that speak to me here – most especially… “deliver all evil into the creative cycle.”
    Thank you for posting this loving, universal prayer.

  2. I am in heaven on earth, and by my spirit in expression heaven and earth are one in this holy temple.

  3. Thanks for posting this today – just the reminder I needed. Blessings on this day, Jean

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