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Dear Friends of Attunement

◄ by Joseph Antell – Loveland, CO ►

Dear Friends of Attunement,

May 2013 marks my fifth year as president of the International Association of Attunement Practitioners (IAAP).  During this time IAAP has experienced many changes in the structure of the Association. These changes represent a movement away from patterns that challenge the way organizations operate in the world.  Because there is a steadfast agreement in the radiation of love, IAAP has been able to accommodate a different approach.

We put aside the annual fee required to participate in our community, while on the world scene there are more taxes and inflated costs everywhere you turn. Financial pressures continue to escalate.  In the world you have to “pay to be a member.”

We reduced the size of the Board and the organizational complexity. This allowed a relaxation in how IAAP functions and created a space for all of us to simply be in “the currents of life” together. Ahhh! On the other hand, local and national organizations have become increasingly bureaucratic and roadblocks are present at every turn.  When there is a refusal to downsize and stay true to the common mission, the flow and direction stagnates making it impossible to expand and move forward.

We also simplified our interaction through the new website communication format and sustained the bimonthly teleconferences.  We have extended the invitation to ANYONE who wishes to commune with us in providing a collective blessing of Attunement into our wonderful world that is often quite troubled.

For years IAAP has offered a consistent stream of distant energy work and support for the individual, loved ones and friends. This aspect of radiant healing has been at the core of Attunement service since its inception.  If anyone is interested in participating on a team providing long distance Attunement, please contact Chris Jorgensen at and/or  Liz Turner at

Our educational program continues to reshape under the guidance of Chris Jorgensen and Andrew Shier.  Now the primary focus is mentorship training in navigating the inner and outer world with compassion.  People are not coming to get “fixed” or “healed” but are coming as healers to join in an unfoldment of Being.  Attendees are experiencing the power of the collective and a depth of fulfillment assured in Oneness.

Another essential and meaningful area of our service is the IAAP scholarship fund.  This fund is affording those who are experiencing financial challenges the opportunity to attend Attunement classes, events and intensives.  Seen in this light, your individual contributions to the Scholarship Fund are a powerful means by which the vision of bringing Attunement into the world may continue.  Any amount of money you feel moved to offer as a way of supporting what is provided through IAAP is gratefully received.

Let us abide in the energy ranges and frequencies of firm control centered in love.  Our work together continues to provide a steady place of balance in the midst of all the changes that are reshaping this planet and humankind.

Blessings be upon thee,


Joseph Atell

If you would like to contribute, please make checks payable to:

P.O. Box 28574
Kansas City, MO 64188-8574

Or use the “Donate” button on this website.

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