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It’s Never Too Late to Live Your Dream


Christopher Foster has an Attunement background and writes his own blog – The Happy Seeker. He recently published the following article on his site.

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It’s never too late to live your dream and create a new future for yourself.

As long as you are here, as long as you are still breathing, it doesn’t really matter what your age is – the dream that you brought with you when you came into the world is calling to you still, wanting to be born in new and imaginative ways.

The dream that has animated me for as long as I can remember is to do whatever I can to give courage, comfort and peace to others through writing. But oh dear. Oh my gosh. The calendar says I’ll be 81 in May. Maybe it’s time to call it quits and let go of my dream and live my remaining days in peace and quiet, perhaps with a little touch of apathy thrown in?

I don’t think so. “Not on your life,” I hear my spirit say.

“You’re just getting started. I’ve gone to a lot of trouble helping you through difficult times and inspiring you to keep growing. You’re just beginning to get the hang of how life works and what you have learned can be helpful to others, so listen up.

“This is no time to think about ‘retirement.’ This is a time to stretch your wings like never before and fulfill your mission. You have an opportunity to create a new future for yourself that will be a blessing to others, so hop to it.”

The general consensus in our culture seems to be that the older we become the less useful and relevant we become. And if you haven’t manifested your dream by age 40 or 50 or 60 or whatever, well, that’s just too bad, you probably never will manifest it now.

I say that is false. Aging is a privilege. The older we are, the more opportunity we’ve had to learn life’s ways and the more wisdom and compassion we have available to share with our world.

It’s never too late to give your gift. It’s never too late to create your preferred future. It’s never too late to fulfill your dream. You know so much. You have proved so much. You have suffered so much and overcome so much. You have shed so many illusions and pretenses.

You are more authentic now than at any time in your life.

The world yearns for the light that is yours to share. It is the light of your own eternal spirit and it will never dim.

I send love and blessings and hope you are keeping well. Your thoughts on the above will be much appreciated, as always.

3 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late to Live Your Dream

  1. Beloved brother,
    What a joy to read your blog today. I am slogging through the last of my resistance and finally writing ‘that book’ I’ve wanted to write for 30 years. I am 55. Thank you for this blog which is just the thing I needed to read today. blessing upon you and your lifes’ work. Thank you for never saying no to your sharing your wisdom through your writing! I’ll let you know when it’s finished! All is well. Your sister in the written way – IIOI

  2. I heard once that when an elder dies… an entire library goes with them. What a magnitude of wisdom we have to offer as we go through the upper phases of our life!! Thank you for that reminder Chris… and the beautiful way you offered it to us all. Leon

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