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We recently completed the fourth weekend of the Attunement Practitioner’s Course in Kansas City. The topics covered included a generative discussion on the subject of prayer and its importance in daily life. I write about prayer in chapter 9 of Attunement: Love Made Visible. Prayer is a vast subject and uniquely individual, sacred and intimate to each person. It is defined in many ways and can have a different meaning within various cultures. It can be a means of communication with the Creator–for some it is forgiveness (Christianity), for some it is obedience (Islam) and for others it is a way to develop compassion for all living beings (Buddhism). The class members asked me about my experience of daily prayer. I wrote something about prayer for the IAAP newsletter a few years ago, and this is what I wrote, briefly describing what I do each morning, which in my paradigm is praise and thanksgiving.

“I offer four levels of prayer each day before beginning my Attunement radiation. I don’t follow any particular routine or use a certain set of words. Each day is unique. Many times after giving conscious expression in prayer, I sit quietly in love and communion until I internally sense the urge to go forward into the day.

Level I – Identity in the human form

I hold the life-pattern of “Chris” between my hands as I open the Attunement process. Daily prayer at this level is worship that begins through the conscious expression of love, thanksgiving, and the deep yearning for union with my Being, my Beloved, my Father, which created this body, mind, spiritual expression and feeling realm. There is no other purpose than to be in union. My vessel is filled with a joyful exuberance for the experience of life today–to see, smell, hear, taste, and touch creation. The mind is humbled by the ability to think and to speak words of rejoicing. The feelings sense and intuit the divine presence of “Me” such that the sacred vessel is left without any form of utterance as the heart is overfilled with gladness. The life-pattern is balanced, smooth, vibrant and engaged.

“Truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.”  Jesus, Matthew 17-20

“A monk who is skilled in concentration can cut the Himalayas in two.” Buddha, Anguttara Nikaya 6.24

Level II – Identity in Being

I am the Creator. I observe the body, mind, spiritual expression and feeling natures. I bless with life and enfold with love, the projection of Myself in the world of time and space. Let there be assurance of my Presence in feeling and spiritual expression. Let the realization of my Light guide the words and thoughts articulated in mind. Let the physical body be renewed and empowered by the wonder of my Life. “The revelation of Myself is holy. Mine is the glory to be reflected by the world which I create.”

Level III – Identity in the Archangelic Body

I express my abiding and eternal radiance in union with and in acknowledgment of the focus of Love in the sacred project called Earth. Love is All; All is Love. Joy, Awe, and Glory is revealed by our collective Body of Being, the Archangelic Body, where an unbreakable oneness holds together the unending lines of creation in this celestial home amongst the stars. May the living radiance and purpose of this glorious Body of Being, fill every atom in every corner of the planetary house.  I AM the ocean. I AM the air. I AM the earth. I AM the fire. Let no human institutions, no forms of human self-governance, no edifices of human worship remain. I AM.

Level IV – Identity in THE ONE

Let the Light of the Archangelic Body brightly shine the eternal union of Being into the heaven of the solar system, that the sun and moon, and each planetary body of our greater solar home may be bless with Our Radiation. Great CREATOR OF ALL, The ALMIGHTY, The EXALTER, The ALL THAT IS, we acknowledge the pulses of THY Radiation and Light as it unfolds through the Universe.

“And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour” Revelation 8:1

Although the Body of Being is vast, we know something of its intimacy with our closer, conscious friends on Earth.”

As noted, following this prayer of praise and thanksgiving, I will work with the KC Radiation Team and those on the Team’s list. While the intention is to let Love radiate without concern for results, miracles are always welcomed!

Let us be together in prayer and Attunement.

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  1. Chris, Thank you for sharing this again….so helpful to read & contemplate…Barbra Clavey

  2. Your ‘Prayer’ offering was absolutely beautiful, comprehensive and powerful a couple of years ago when I remember seeing it for the first time… and it is even more so this day… Thanks Chris for sharing this once again. Leon

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