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Attunement Practitioner’s Course

Attunement Practitioner's Course

Back L to R: Chris Jorgensen, Matt Kuwata, Alicia Holcomb, Richard Emery, Wayne Hawkins
Front L to R: Donna Jorgensen, Edwena Jacobs, Suzie Summers, Elisabeth Kirsch, Cynthia Rose

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ►

Eight people are attending the Attunement Practitioner’s Course in Kansas City. Their backgrounds are varied including a renowned jazz pianist, a chiropractor, a nurse practitioner and massage therapist. Using the Attunement: Love Made Visible workbook we recently finished the third weekend with the themes of Attunement with the Endocrine and Chakra systems, and Design with its aspects of cycles and rhythms.


Donna and I are enjoying the opportunity to be with each one in the Course as we explore the many nuances of Attunement. Below are comments from two participants.

I began learning Attunement last winter through the Attunement Initiation workshop and in doing so, much of my life has completely changed for the better. I have a greater sense of “being” which has helped me to more fully understand myself, and in turn is allowing me to help others in my world as a practicing nurse. Learning the Attunement techniques and sharing in the healing energy has heightened my perceptions and awareness on every level imaginable. I am excited about the future, thanks to Attunement.
~Alicia Holcomb MSN, APRN, NP-C

Taking the Attunement Course has been an eye-opening experience. I expected the class to teach me how to do Attunement, but it has offered much more. It is giving me a different perspective on how to see the world. I feel the Course has opened my consciousness, which has allowed me to get to know myself better. Sharing and learning Attunement is included in each session and is my favorite part. Being able to study with great teachers and learn the techniques, then practice them is very beneficial. The Attunement Course is a blessing and has all the variables to change your life, and it has definitely impacted mine in an uplifting way.
~Matt Kuwata, student, pizza delivery man

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