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◄ by Anna Esparham, MD – Kansas City, MO ►

The sun is lifting to finally bring us a little refreshment from the dark winter hibernation. Most of us can’t wait to get out and enjoy the weather, uninhibited by the limitations of the cold and snow. Spring often suggests a time for renewal, whether it be a deep cleaning of the home, detoxing the body or de-cluttering our workspace. The mere act of letting go helps cleanse our physical bodies and energy fields from the stuff that doesn’t belong. However, I offer a note of caution that we not spend so much time in the act of “letting go” that we forget to make time for keeping our consciousness of identity in the right place while wading through the chaos.

Does the process of centering ourselves naturally relieve the pressures built up during the day? I believe it does. Holding a state of balance may truly be the solution to many of our daily physical, mental, and emotional stressors.

Working as a Pediatrician in a large, progressive academic hospital, I encounter a virtual cocktail of people and energetic fields on a daily basis. It is important for me to appropriately “let go” of these energies, because if I become overly involved with taking care of everyone else I can lose sight of “me”.

There are times when – in trying to define myself in a “role” such as physician, mentor, girlfriend, colleague or friend – I may neglect who I Am. This often leads to a chain reaction, making it more difficult to love my Self. The feeling of not being good enough may manifest as sadness, anger, fear, shame, apathy, or even pain and disease. I endeavor to be aware of that and stop it!

By sharing Self Attunement, making quiet space to commune within and setting my intention to remain rooted in spiritual presence, the divine within can be revealed and remembered. Without the real ‘me’ the current of creation is incomplete. The only real role we must play is revealing the Creator-Being within – all the other roles will take care of themselves. The ability to create will come more easily, work will inspire, and success will take hold and flourish.

3 thoughts on “Renewal

  1. I find your article laced with wisdom, young lady. Whomever you serve in your profession and daily encounters are subject to profound blessings and wisdom. Thank you for your offering to us all. Leon

  2. What a lovely reminder! Each moment brings the opportunity to don a role and fill it with the vibrant pulse of Spirit. Each challenge and each joy is mine to paint with my own interpretation of that pulse. What a gift it is to be alive and to share this canvas with others. Together we create.
    In Love,

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