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How Do YOU make sense of it?

◄ by Paula Bergeron – Grafton, NH ►

I am most fortunate to be part of a women’s blog group. Our faithful leader asks pertinent questions and we choose to ponder and answer…… or not. In the past twelve months I have found my pondering centering on that which I have taken in from Attunement sharing, instruction, and conversations.

The question asked of us this past week was centered on events experienced and witnessed by our leader, both tragic and euphoric, such as the recent bombing at the Boston Marathon, and the birth of a granddaughter. She asks us, “How do YOU make sense of it?” My response is fueled by the balance I feel emanating from the core of who I am, the core of all I see, the core of Attunement.

How do I make sense of it…?

I do not see evil, I see humans, both fragile and strong.

I see there is present in each day both birth and death, love and hate, generosity and fear, the building up and tearing down. We have it all, both ends and all that lies between. It all fits, it all belongs, it is being alive. I have known pain and joy, good health and bad, confidence and shame, laughter and tears. I have been deeply loved and deeply hurt by the same people. These are the experiences that make us whole, fill us up, and allow us to see.

I want to celebrate when I witness joy, and soothe those I witness in pain. I want to be fearless in my willingness to know and feel. The sharp pang of deep love and joy and the depths of loss and sorrow seem to emanate from the same place. These feelings are connected in a way I do not understand, I only know I need them both to flourish. The beauty of it all is the way we can allow these events help shape our souls,  let them influence our behavior, and let them show us the path to living beyond the bounds of human reality.

In Gratitude for all that is,

One thought on “How Do YOU make sense of it?

  1. Thank you for your wise words and the insights of your pondering. I’ve copied them as a reminder to appreciate all that Life brings.

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