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◄ by Sharon Rodriguez – Olathe, KS ►

During the last two years of my corporate career I used Attunement during the meetings that I facilitated. Now that I am doing more group presentations, that experience is more important to rely on.

December 2012 was a time of massive shifts in energy. We were asked by futurists like Barbara Marx Hubbard to commit to speaking and acting from Love. I found this easy because of my prior experience using Attunement with individuals and groups. I did a group presentation on 12-12-12 to open people to the light within them during the darkest day of the year, Winter Solstice. Of course, I held the group in Attunement during the entire presentation. I knew the Attunement current was working as it should because I could feel the strength and confidence of my words during the meditation that I lead. I felt bigger than my body.

It became clear to me that I needed to do another presentation to continue this energetic flow that was birthed in Dec, 2012. I committed to do another presentation on Feb 10 about maintaining the energy of love. I struggled the week before with a fear of trusting that I would have the right words. This was a surprise to me because I had been doing group presentations for years. I showed up for the presentation feeling that I was not prepared. I had not written anything out, I couldn’t get the words to flow so that I could write them out.

I started by doing Attunement on the room and held the Attunement current during the entire presentation. I opened up and started to talk from a place of feeling larger than I am. The words flowed. There was a woman there with her father and mother. I did not know the father had Alzheimers.

I had the group write down what they wanted to release. Then I did a meditation that surrounded them with compassion that they then took out to the universe. There they connected with their light and brought it back to the room. I then had the group write down an intention going forward and take these intentions home.

After the presentation the woman who brought her father and mother came up to me and said,” My dad has Alzheimers and can’t even tell me or my mother what he wants for dinner. He could not write anything down before the meditation. Then after the meditation he wrote something immediately, without help.” We both were in tears of gratitude. I didn’t understand all of what she was saying because there were other people who wanted to talk to me, so I asked her to send me an email. She did send the email and shared what he had written immediately after the meditation.  Her father had written,  “I want to be at peace with myself and my surroundings. I need the comfort of companionship and the security of self reliance.”

I now trust more than ever the Attunement current that moves through me and in groups. I am so grateful that I have the Attunement current to use so that attendees can open up to their own inner knowing.

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