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The Attunement Practitioner’s Code – Part 5

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ►

“EVEN AS I recognize that the destructive spirits of shame, fear, hate and greed bring division between people, so also do I recognize the unifying power of creative spirits. I know that purity of heart removes shame, love dispels fear, the under-standing of truth always clears hatred, and the expression of a generous spirit banishes greed. I welcome these healing qualities into my work.

EVEN AS personal purpose cannot be realized except through fulfillment of the whole, so also are the purposes of the Great Spirit realized through my consistent expression of wholeness. I respect and exemplify the Great One’s design in all of my living.”

We are fortunate to have an Attunement Radiation Team in Kansas City. Presently there are ten people (one in Hopkins, MN) who work with a list of individuals from around the world who have requested the help and surround of Love with their various situations. Although the Team’s members change from time to time, there has nevertheless been this steady radiant presence available for the last 15 years–since the first Attunement Practitioner’s Course here in 1998. Many individual circumstances are filled with the destructive spirits of shame, fear, hate and greed. And yet, each member on the Team knows that the radiation of Love ‘will out’ regardless of the requested need. Yes, it may take a period of time for the various elements to resolve themselves, but they will if Love is in the picture. The spirit of assurance fills this long-distance work.

Because I have a public practice, the atmosphere of the office (and associated classroom) is always present for anyone to notice. And many clients often comment on the warmth, peacefulness and stillness of this setting. I generally smile and say “thank you,” while taking note that the person is sufficiently sensitive to perceive these qualities of energy. The office atmosphere is revealing of the Attunement current shared over the years which has created a setting in which assurance has removed shame, love has dispelled fear, the light of truth has cleared hatred, and the expression of a generous spirit not only banishes greed, but opens the door to experience the abundance of the Universe.

Heartland Attunement is hosting an Attunement Intensive this summer, June 28-30. Donna and I have greatly enjoyed working with this avenue of Attunement in the last four years. The Attunement Intensive (pre-requisite the Practitioner’s Course) provides a specific opportunity to intensify the Attunement current through collective work, and to focus and expand the consciousness of Being. Such robust and focused spiritual work (10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day) refines our human instruments to more fully serve the individual and collective purposes of the Great Spirit. Those who have participated in the Intensives will tell you how exceptional the experience can be when everyone comes together to purposely exemplify the divine design through a three-day Attunement. There are not many places where one can share and experience this type of conscious, collective work.

This is my last article working with the Attunement Practitioner’s Code. I encourage everyone to re-read it from time to time. As each one of us honors and embodies the Code’s intent and spirit, our living generates a wealth of pneumaplasm that adds substance to its meaning. Share Attunement and bless the world!

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  1. Chris, you never cease to amaze me with your clarity and focus of purpose. I especially love this article as it relates to the quiet yet supremely powerful ‘home’ atmosphere where attunement is consistently offered… and the ultimate and inexorable results thereof. Thank you. Leon

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