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The Attunement Practioner’s Code – Part 4

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ►

“EVEN AS the divine qualities and characteristics of the Great One within have inspired me to the highest and best that I know, so shall my inspiration to others be based in the highest and best that I know. To the best of my ability, I will make certain my motives are clear and honest in all my interactions.”

“EVEN AS the Great Spirit has bountifully provided for me without imposing upon me, so also do I give of myself without imposition. I do not offer counsel or action beyond the boundaries established by this Code, the level of interest in my services, or the law of the land.”

Donna and I have just finished editing the first book that I wrote, Attunement: Love Made Visible. We will use it for an upcoming Attunement Practitioner’s Course. Although the new book contains many changes, it retains the Uranda and Martin Exeter quotes that inspired a consciousness shift in me during my early Attunement training.

In Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s book, Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling, he has this to say. “We know that there’s something deep within us waiting to be known, which we sometimes call a ‘gut reaction’ to life’s events. We have a built-in yearning to seek our inspired self and feel wholeness, a kind of inexplicable sense that patiently demands recognition and action. We might describe it as a mechanism persistently projecting the words, destiny, mission, or purpose on our inner screen.”

We were just married (36 years ago) and I was a neophyte in the Attunement field when we were visiting 100 Mile House in British Columbia, Canada for a conference. Gary Brooks, the coordinator for the Attunement program at the 100 Mile House Community at that time, came to our hotel room one afternoon and asked me to go to Martin’s home and share Attunement with him. My first impulse was to ask Gary if he was joking; he was not. So I swallowed hard, set myself, and proceeded to Martin’s home. He greeted me and said, “Let’s share Attunement,” as if I had been a seasoned practitioner for years. I followed him to the room where he laid down on a couch and I shared 30 minutes of Attunement–wiping the sweat from my forehead several times, as you might expect. He sat up after the Attunement and said to me, “Wonderful radiation, and thank you.” I was silently stunned, humbled, elated and speechless. As I walked (really floated) back to my hotel room, a warm glow came over me with a deep sense that “all is well.” Somewhere in my “inner screen” the words passion and purpose had become real. I remember the experience as truly inspiring and it remains so to this day.

How do I inspire others in their living and in their Attunement experience? The answer may surprise you. It is not in doing remarkable feats–even miracles with Attunement. It is in daily living. We reveal our deepest, conscious passion, which is the primary element in inspiration, through the deeds, words, and feelings of momentary living. Martin shared his love for Attunement in those brief, precious, sacred moments, and it inspired a well-spring in me. May I do the same for those that touch my living Presence.

During the Practitioner’s Course we will cover the topic of creating a Public Attunement Practice. There is a lot of detail in setting up a public practice–obtaining a business license, paying taxes, having liability insurance, etc. I encourage any who are moving towards a public practice to comply with the ‘laws of the land’ in their community. While it may mean extra paperwork and time, being in compliance with the local laws allows the creative field of Attunement to remain clear.

In my public practice I often encounter various circumstances people are struggling with in their lives. A natural part of Attunement is providing a quiet, sacred space where matters in the person’s life may come to the surface and be surrounded in the radiation of Love. While being a good listener (more listening; less talk) there are times when the course of wisdom is to suggest another kind of therapy to assist the individual with a specific situation. I have a list of family doctors, counselors, dentists, massage therapists, etc., at the office for such cases. This approach allows me to stay within the boundaries of Attunement and to not enter into areas where I am not qualified to help. Knowing the limitations of one’s substance, as well as being aware of what you can and cannot legally do, honors the boundaries of Attunement. This approach plays a big part in creating a successful public practice.

2 thoughts on “The Attunement Practioner’s Code – Part 4

  1. Thanks Chris! Look forward to reading about the changes in “Attunement: Love Made Visible”. It’s an amazing book! Whenever I return to its pages, it always seems new.



  2. Once again Chris you come across so deeply, concisely, and accurately. Your simplicity comes through clearly… ‘Live your life in the Spirit of Attunement, be honest and never go beyond your personal substance… and the work is done to the Honor of SPIRIT and to the greatest Blessing of the Whole.’ Simple but tremendously powerful. Thanks for your clear & simple presentation of what could otherwise easily become an infinite and confusing ‘discussion’ topic. Keep It Simple my friends! Thank you, Blessings, and Happy Anniversary to you and Donna. Leon

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