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Thoughts from the Attunement Practitioner’s Class

◄ by Benson Webster – New Hampshire ►

For the past five months I have been a student in the Attunement class of Andrew Shier. During this time we have become a community, sharing understanding,  compassion,  quiet joy – learning to share our essential beingness.  Andrew, assisted by two awesome women – Nancy Frederick and Liz Turner – has been teaching us not only the techniques, the protocols of Attunement, but by example, offering us the experience of being in Attunement – each in our own unique way – together in rich vibration.

Andrew is a natural teacher, so intimate with his subject, relaxed, funny, a rare mixture of radiance and humility.  He suggested on two occasions that we do a class attunement from a distance, as we were all back in our home spaces.  These were occasions for me to experience the grace of our community, to embody oneness, to feel the vibration of Attunement.  This class – learning Attunement – is a gift to my life which I hope to share again and again and again.


Five-Month Attunement Practitioner’s Course, Portsmouth, NH
with Andrew Shier, assisted by Liz Turner & Nancy Frederick

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