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Allopathic and Complementary Medicine

◄ by Anna Esparham, MD – Kansas City, MO ►

Once I thought to myself, “What an amazing healer I would be if I were to combine energy healing (complementary) and allopathic medicine!” But in the first few months of my pediatric residency at the University of Kansas Medical Center, my mentor, a traditionally trained allopathic physician, shared a brief conversation with me before visiting with a new patient. He said, “You know, it’s really not about you healing the patient. It’s about your relationship with them and being part of their healing process.” That moment resonated deep within me, and yet I don’t think I fully understood what was being said until I began working with Attunement.

As I embraced energy work through Attunement, my own healing began to unfold – somewhat unexpectedly. Learning how to connect with my ‘life-pattern’ and release that which no longer vibrationally belonged within me, freed my spirit to take over the empty space of my form and at last I found me – the one I am. And as I heal, I observe the people that surround me beginning to heal as well. Belief systems begin to change and shift the consciousness of a person’s state of health. In Attunement it is called entering the state of union.

Now, as a board-certified pediatrician at the KU Integrative Medicine Program here in Kansas City, Kansas, I realize that physicians only have the tools and resources to help people. True healing comes from within the person, from their creator-being. Human Beings truly have the amazing ability to attune their life-pattern and begin to restore their body, mind, and heart to the natural state of health.

3 thoughts on “Allopathic and Complementary Medicine

  1. Congratulations Anna on passing your boards. I like your mentor saying “It’s about your relationship with them and being part of their healing process.” The children you come in contact with will be will be touched by your life force!

  2. I love the part about physicians being facilitators- we imbue them with such power. The creative force is within us all! And the fact that as we heal, so do the people around us is an easy truth to forget. Thanks Anna

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