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My Everlasting Prayer

◄ by Joseph Antell – Loveland, CO ►

On the evening of such a tragic day in our country, I am compelled to voice my sorrow, through writing, and release a current of compassionate embrace. For those who directly or indirectly have been affected by this unconscionable shooting of beautiful children and others who were providing guidance in their lives, I want you to know that you and they are held gently and tenderly by Angels in heaven and on earth.

There are no words to soothe the loss of innocence that has been torn away from you and all of us, for we are together is this pain. There are plenty of arms surrounding you and holding you in a place of safety and Love as you move through this time of grief and try to regain a foothold in your life in this world. I don’t have an explanation for what happened today, for there is no rational reason for such evil acts. I am moved to say my resolve has grown stronger than ever, over the last few hours, to protect that which is precious, meaningful, and creative in our lives together on this planet. NOTHING can stop or dissuade the new place of peace, harmony and good will that is appearing above what has been so destructive, violent, and ugly.

My everlasting prayer abides with you all. I am there with you supporting you in the way of the great comforter as we enter the time of the full expression of unconditional love.

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10 thoughts on “My Everlasting Prayer

  1. Joseph: Thank you for voicing what the heart needs to hear, so we may continue to breathe our prayers of peace in shared Attunement with Oneness. Bonnie Jo

  2. Dear Joseph,
    Thank you for your heartfelt words and expression of compassion conveyed by them. I reminded of Uranda’s quote ,’if any are bound then NONE are free.”I ask myself what could have caused the “shooter” to commit this unspeakable act? We will never really know what motivated him to commit the act of violence against innocent children but in some way I feel we all bear some responsibility in this culture where violence is glorified in our media, video games, movie theaters etc. Yes LIFE is eternal and we are being supported by the invisible world of angels and beings but most people have no actual experience of these things and feel grief and bereft when someone they love is taken away so violently and without apparent cause . You and I and others will have to HOLD the “space” for them as they go through their grief cycle ahead. I am present and awake and offer BLESSINGS from afar to all those experiencing the loss of their loved ones.
    Abiding with you in the HOLY PLACE OF GOD,
    Love-I AM -KEN

  3. Thank you, Joseph, for your clear words that speak my heart. You have my STRONG agreement that “NOTHING can stop or dissuade the new place of peace, harmony and good will that is appearing”. This is the focus of my life. The destructiveness in our world is truly being destroyed by being seen as it rises from the depths of darkness into the light. It isn’t easy, but we didn’t sign on for easy. We signed on for unconditional love which is initially tough but increases through expression. Please know that I also support you.

  4. Yes, Joseph,if there was ever a time to offer our presence into the greater currents, this is it. Joining you in this enfoldment.

  5. Thank you, Joseph, for your beautiful words. I’ve been holding all those families in my heart. Their grief is our grief. Everyone grieves differently. There are no stages of grief…
    One of the father’s from the Columbine shooting said on TV that there wasn’t any way one could fight the evil, one can only shine Light into the darkness and the darkness disappears. Upon hearing about the Newtown event, he said he is determined to let his light shine even more. Words of wisdom born from experience and not just theory.
    May we always practice the “AVCs”: Appreciate those around around you; Validate how important they are to you; and Communicate that to them.

  6. Joseph, I feel you spoke pure Truth. One of my early thoughts that came to mind as I heard of the atrocity in Connecticut was one of the saddest verses in the Bible: And God looked upon the heart of man and saw that it was only evil continuously, and it grieved Him that He had made them.

    But I believe you spoke for all angels of light on earth and in the heavens this day, emphasizing our responsibility to return the heart of man to purity and innocence, supporting the re-writing of the verse: And God looked upon the heart of man and saw that it was Perfect Pure Guileless Innocent and Compassionate, and it pleased Him that He had made them. Thank you Joseph. Leon

  7. Thank you for sharing your prayer and words of comfort. I join with you and all others in our physical and spiritual realms in holding the purest of love in my heart.

  8. I recently read these two beautiful quotes, both spoken by 7 year-olds. I think that they are especially helpful now because there is always hope and Love.

    “When you love somebody, your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come out of you.”
    – Karen – age 7

    “Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.”
    – Bobby – age 7

    Bobby already knows the value in the “pause” and holding the space to hear the Love.

    Happy Holidays to you all and let us continue to share all that Attunement is to each other and the world. Love and Peace to you all. Barbara

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