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The Attunement Practitioner’s Code – Part 1

◄ by Chris Jorgensen – Gladstone, MO ►

I have two framed prints of The Attunement Practitioner’s Code on the wall(s) at my downtown office–one in the waiting room and one in the meeting/class room. It invites everyone who enters that sacred space to know that ethics play a key ingredient in the Attunement process. Uranda was the first person to write this Code on paper. It was my mentor, Roger de Winton, who added to it and brought it into the form we have today. A copy of the Attunement Code is in my book, Attunement: Love Made Visible.

Over the years I have spoken about the Code in different settings such as classes, conferences, and one-on-one Attunement sessions. For me, it provides a vital key to the level of consciousness that is required for a genuine Attunement to be shared. A number of other healing modalities have basic principles and symbols (i.e. Reiki) which are intended to evoke a state of energetic awareness in the Practitioner through which the healing process may be initiated. By the way, the symbols are not the energy; their purpose is to provide a connection to the state of awareness within oneself from which the energy emerges. While I do not teach the use of symbols per se in Attunement (I do use many diagrams), there is the Attunement Code to share as a primary guide. Attunement is more than a technique; it is a state of consciousness which translates into a way of living for each Practitioner regardless of what he or she is initiating–whether that is the healing process with another person or cooking a meal for family or friends. Here is the first part of the Code.

EVEN AS I was made in the image and likeness of the Great One so also was every person whose life I may touch. I respect the divinity inherent in all living forms.

There is an existing divine design. It is present, unfolding and available for each one to participate in every moment of the day. All life forms are included in this design. What this says to me is the need for respect for all the unlimited expressions of Love. Thus, here is a daily reminder—whether I am in an Attunement session with someone or in my everyday life—be humble, be thankful and be respectful for all wonders of creation. Specifically, it is a vivid reminder that every person I meet is an expression of Love, of Being, and that they are here, just as I am, as a creator to further the processes of creation. The state of consciousness being evoked in me is that I am one with the All That Is. And this creates a sacred space where there is no judgment—a place of complete acceptance of another human being as they are in the present moment. The poet Rumi called it “a field beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing”.

Now, I know from living that this attitude is often easier to experience and share in my Attunement sanctuary. Yet the real question is, can I also remember this when I am outside my home or the office treatment space. How about when driving home from the office and crazy people dart in and out, speed or cut me off? Or when someone else criticizes what I am expressing? Or maybe it is working with 147 days of drought–thinking why us, why me? Most often the reason or factors why something is unfolding in a particular way is not fully known. Still, one can maintain a consciousness that “all is well” and everything is included in the ongoing processes of re-creation.

I plan to write about the other paragraphs of The Attunement Practitioner’s Code in future posts. I encourage you to re-read it, allowing the elements of consciousness it inspires be your guide in Attunement and in living.

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