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Hurricane Sandy and Attunement

◄ by Andrew Shier – Hancock, NH ►

What is being labeled as the largest storm ever to hit the East Coast is upon us. Hurricane Sandy is slated to make landfall this evening on the coast of New Jersey. I and many of my friends have been sharing Attunement with this weather pattern as it moves up the eastern seaboard. I am filled with a thankfulness to have a consciousness of the Place that Attunement is and to take this opportunity to abide there in the midst of this pattern which we call a hurricane. Throughout the day, I am called to take a moment, sit briefly and extend calmness, thankfulness, and a blessing. I am aware that there are many people making necessary preparations who are more in the direct path of this major force. And there are many, many helpers assisting, from utility workers to those in the National Guard. All are contained within the Place, whether that be known consciously or not. For those of you who have opportunity to read this, take a moment and extend your radiant current of Love in thankfulness and peace.  (note: Andrew wrote this Monday afternoon, Oct 29. Please continue to share Attunement with the East Coast in whatever way feels right to you – the end of the high winds and rain may be only the beginning of the danger in other ways.)

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4 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy and Attunement

  1. thanks andrew…holding the pattern and grounding the forces here in dover nh…let love radiate!

  2. Thanks Andrew. Resonating with you (and your message) made it easy for me to align with the current pattern – it’s Wednesday am, Oct. 31. The remaining expression of this pattern will be revealed in time; my part now is to allow this to happen in the context of the larger whole, for the good of all life everywhere.

  3. Thank you Andrew for holding a pattern of Attunement during the unfolding of the devastating powers of Sandy… I, we, are continuing to enfold the entire affected areas and people as they will all need constant care and blessing as only Attunement can provide during this time of ‘recovery’ from the devastation. Unless someone actually sees first-hand the unbelievable sight of destruction of land and buildings and roads, etc., it is impossible to begin to comprehend the massive destruction that storms of this intensity can leave behind in their wake. Mine was first hand of hurricane Camile in 1969 in Biloxi Mississippi. It simply defies words… and there’s a profound silence that overcomes one’s soul when witnessing first hand the twisted and torn masses of buildings, lands, roads, bridges and ships tossed like toothpicks. Back then I never heard of Attunement. But as you described your work with Sandy, Andrew, I can’t help but wonder what I might have been able to offer, had I known of it. And as horrendous as that hurricane was back then, it pales in comparison to what you and those with you have just experienced.

    My immediate thought as I read your beautiful article was: I sense there are hundreds of people alive today who would have otherwise perished had you and those in Spirit with you had NOT enfolded the intensity of Sandy in the light of God’s infinite Love and Blessing. So heartfelt thanks to you and all who in one way or another stood with you in Spirit as Sandy did her thing while you, Andrew, consciously brought calm amidst that terrible storm. It would have been much worse, if not for conscious Attunement. And we must continue with you as RECOVERY efforts unfold, for there remains now a dire need for healing of the entire area and all those who dwell therein, as well as those connected in one way or another to that area and those masses dwellign there. Thank you my friend and fellow Attunement server, Andrew, for sharing your story with us. We stand with you in the infinitely more powerful Love and Blessing of Attunement than Sandy and others most surely yet to come can levy upon the body united in Spirit. Blessings, Leon

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