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No Big Deal

◄ by Leon Tausher – Denver, CO ►

In these days of supreme acceleration towards what we yet ‘know not what’, because if I recall “No one knoweth the hour or the day that He cometh, no, not even the Angels of heaven” [this may not be the exact Bible quote, but it’s close to what I remember, so I trust y’all get the gist]. But in these hours and days of seemingly unprecedented lightening speed of time and space, there is no mystery to me what I am called to do. It is unending, unrelenting, and unreservedly Attunement of every situation, circumstance, thought and feeling of all dimensions of my earth soul, by my Spirit. Not by mind, but by Spirit only.

As example, my body is aging, I guess just like all those before me who walked the earth since the ‘Fathers fell asleep’ as Native American heritage holds. With physical aging, every conceivable condition you can think of comes up, without a lot of warning. I can either be reactive to it and perhaps belly ache about it… or silently curse it… or be a ‘oh woe is me, poor me, look what I have to endure’ victim… or I can immediately, deliberately and joyously acknowledge it and release a silent current of Love and Blessing to it… realizing and accepting that my Action may NOT change it, or make it better, or make it go away… it does NOT matter!! I simple offer it an Attunement. That’s it.

Considering things more outward from myself, how about the current election campaigning going on. Not the least of which is all the pandering and meandering going on regarding the first Presidential debate taking place in Denver tomorrow night. No matter how much deep emotion going on, no matter how much speculating, finger pointing, lying, deceit, fabricating, and God knows what not that’s going on day and night… whether it resonates as TRUE or FALSE… it does NOT matter. Simply, my job is simply to consciously and deliberately smile [even if I have to hide the smile inside me] and release a powerful and substantive current of Love and Blessing to whomever or whatever. Each component of it and ALL of it NEEDS an Attunement. And once that current is released and held, then let the chips fall where they may. After that, it really doesn’t matter to me what happens. That part’s not my job to worry about.

All considered, yes, I am but one person in this multi-billion inhabitant world. And it is most comforting and good to know there are now so many others within and outside of IAAP that are actually executing moment-by-moment ATTUNEMENT to the conditions and circumstances of their respective worlds, and our collective World conditions, without hesitation or reservations of any kind. Truly comforting to know. But even if no one on earth was doing this, I know without shadow of doubt that it would still be my full responsibility to continue to do what I consciously know I must do, because it’s what I came on earth to do. Attune all that comes within the range of my consciousness and awareness. That’s it. It’s what I came to do. No big deal.

In retrospect, I sought to do this since I was 5 years old when I first engaged God in my little consciousness at that time. Can’t say I did a consistently good job all the moments of my hours and days all these years. But thankfully as I’ve ‘aged’ on this go-round, I know I’ve gotten better and better at it. And ‘tho it’s still mostly silently contained within myself and not openly broadcast all the time, my delight in still having a form from which to work, that no matter what… I can still do what I came to do: Attune all in my world. No big deal. But what a magnificent joy it is! Blessings to all.

4 thoughts on “No Big Deal

  1. Thank you. Leon. It is so great ot know that there are others ( my fellow Attunement practitioners and others), that understand that no matter what the situation, by sharing Love through Blessing, the path can be cleared for creation to evolve. AND, that no matter how much outside “the norm” this seems to be, I feel comforted that you all feel the same way. I, thank you all.

  2. Thank you for the reminder that ALL of creation provides the opportunity to extend Attunement. It’s so easy to forget when there is divisiveness and debate in the foreground.

  3. Leon,

    Thank you for sharing your experience and passion for Attunement.

    My perception is that the planet (as well as the solar system) is now filled with the energy of resolve. And this energy is touching everyone, bringing everything unresolved in life up for review, Attunement and resolve. My vision is that our Earth is moving to a higher vibration and in alignment with that higher state; human beings are needing to shift their individual and collective vibrations. Thus, lower vibrational patterns must be resolved and released so the human body/form can accommodate the new vibration. Attunement is, as you passionately articulated, a great tool by which each person may maneuver through this intense process.

    Blessings, Chris

  4. Thank you for this great article, Leon. I love your expression of an acceptance of “what is” without trying to change or make better anything – just bless. You bring Attunement into living color with your words, so obviously rooted in your everyday living.

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