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Intimations from this part of the Motherland

by Laurel Cox, Mililani, HI
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As a part of the IPAT team, I, along with some other friends, sensed an amazing transmutation, possibly sprouting in seed form, from what may be occurring through our global deep purification that is afoot. The IPAT team will focus on particular areas of the world, sending it Love and Blessings as we support our Mother Earth in this transmutation. Hawaii and the Lahaina fires were no different. Our team held the area as the devastation became acute. It has been over four weeks since the Lahaina fires and we, as the state of Hawaii and throughout the planet, have had a heart opening which may be a sign of the New Earth wishing to take hold on a cellular level.

By heart opening, I mean that I am watching the community come together as never before. There is a strongly rooted “Yes” coming from this population in very simple ways. Harmony and understanding in the Oneness that we see – we are all a part of our Lord’s business.

I see evidence of the New Earth every day. People waving to supposed strangers on the street, in traffic letting others have the right of way in humble concern – we are all hurting and yet we can and do show love.

Yes, the fifth dimension may be rising from the ashes as is only needful at this magical dawning we are blessed to be a part of.

Each of us have a special role to play and our root system is in place beyond it all. Both in Lahaina and throughout the world. We are all being called to move forward in Attunement, to work and live in Love. Being part of calling in The New Earth requires us all to open our hearts, to let others have the right of way in humble concern.

I move back to Attunement at our primal level which is in place as we move up and down this spiral opening further to the Wisdom and Love of our Eternal Home. I invite you all to move with me in Love and Radiance as we hold space for what is to come.

Thank you for this time together.




One thought on “Intimations from this part of the Motherland

  1. So beautifully said, Laurel. Out of the ashes the Phoenix is rising and creating the New Earth. The past history on this planet is being burned, buried, swept away by wind and/or water, as storms of various sorts wipe it clean, giving way to a new Mother Earth. I rejoice in the intensity, deeply thankful that I’m here to play my humble part in offering the blessings of Attunement and true healing in all life forms.

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