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Thyroid Radiation – Spirit of Life

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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A few days ago 15 members of the IPAT (International Planetary Attunement Team) met together over Zoom to communicate with each other in person, to share their stories and experiences of Attunement with the planet, and to come to a greater understanding of how the Thyroid radiation may be expressed and also its function in and with creation. Cliff Roberts and I coordinated the zoom session which included conversation and time for a Team Attunement with the planet’s oceans. All the Team members mentioned their appreciation for Cliff and his consistent and faithful connection with Team members day in and day out, helping to keep the Team abreast of current planetary activities and events – from the atmosphere to earthquakes and volcanoes to severe weather events.

We are all a part of Mother Earth. She sustains us and we must sustain her in return.
— Chief Dan George, Tsleil-Waututh Nation

In my IPAT comments, I spoke about filling out the discernment and perception of the thyroid radiation. Discerning the vibration of Life in life-patterns requires paying attention to Life’s presence. Our home, planet Earth, is alive, it is a living body. If one is living in Attunement, then there is interest in the vibrations and essences of the Heaven above the crossover point, above the earth. And, Life is a major creative vibration and radiation in the Heaven.

There is a huge difference between a life-pattern and an energy pattern. There is Life in the life-pattern. There is no Life in energy patterns. Energy patterns have human feeling and mental energies in them. There are a multitude of energy patterns in the individual, all of which are extrinsic to the one life-pattern, the original intrinsic pattern of creation. These energy patterns – one’s bloodline, culture, location in the world, level of social order, governmental influences, gender, race, etc – often bring dynamic influences on the intrinsic pattern of creation in question – the human body for instance.

The man who sees all creatures in himself
And himself in all creatures knows no fear.
The man who sees all creatures in himself
And himself in all creatures knows no grief.
How can the multiplicity of life
Delude the man who sees its unity?

— from the Isha Upanishad

Another aspect in sharing Attunement with the Thyroid radiation is the means to perceive how this radiation works in the everyday world. To sense and understand the vibrations and essences that are in the Heaven requires radiant feeling and radiant thinking. For the most part, whether a man or a woman, one’s feeling and thinking realms have largely been inculcated through influences, experiences, and education via the outer world. Such perception is based on the feeling and thinking realms attaching to or taking on or absorbing these outer world energies in order to provide a range of sensitivity, the ability to scan, read, and understand what is being held in the Attunement. In my book, Attunement: Love Made Visible, there is a quotation relative to this experience.

The outer mind’s mental act of naming or labeling creates a matrix in which feeling energy is held. Feeling energy contained in a mental matrix is called an emotion. Emotions color the reality we create and, consequently, the world we observe.  — Chapter III p-36

Emotions are mental constructs, boxes, in which feeling energy is stuffed. While this sensitivity is thought to be somewhat helpful navigating the 3-dimensional world, it actually keeps the capacities overfilled and unavailable for knowing Life. Instead, these capacities are filled with the humanly created energy patterns that largely reside in the collective subconscious. These patterns are patterns of death which, in reality, is nothing more than the absence of Life. The feeling and thinking realms were created to work in and with Life in the vibrational Heaven.

Radiant feeling and radiant thinking are capable of true discernment as they handle the outflow of the thyroid radiation. Through that outflow of radiation, radiant perception, a true picture and understanding of what the life-pattern is and why it was created is revealed as well as the wisdom of how that specific pattern fits into the larger whole, holy, living Earth.

A man with outward courage dares to die; a man with inner courage dares to live.
— Lao Tzu

The creation of all life-patterns whether large – planet size, or small – Pacific Ocean, and smaller – whales, sharks, etc., require different levels of divine consciousness. In my Attunement work with IPAT and the many life-patterns of the Great Mother with which the Team has been engaged, I have noticed how life-patterns fit and work together. The initial life-pattern of a creation, the first created field with the lines of force around which matter coalesces and unfolds, is held in the sanctity of Love through a masculine aspect of consciousness. This aspect of Attunement is quiet, reverent and sacred in its nature. Inside this created holy space – whole space, there is an expanded availability in which to create further detailed, life-patterns to define and fill out the creation. This further detail is accomplished through the creation of life-patterns via the feminine aspect of divine consciousness. This is true Attunement and the revelation of divine co-creative function.

Let us share in the release of the Attunement radiation, continuing to pay attention to the vibrational Heaven, and release the blessing of Life into the world!




One thought on “Thyroid Radiation – Spirit of Life

  1. Thank you, Chris. I always enjoy your perspective. I’ve been thinking about this a lot since reading it. I see it, using a metaphor, like gardening. I go to the nursery to buy my flowers. This is like focusing in on the organs, the endocrine system, and the specific Attunement protocols we use. Then, when I get to my garden, there is a particular pattern created by all the plants already there – to me, that is the larger Attunement. That is holding space for a larger pattern. As I see it, this is the male energy you are talking about. Then, as I place my newly purchased plant within the established garden, this is paying closer attention, finer attention, to how it all fits together. This is the feminine energy.

    I realize that using metaphor, really even using language sometimes, takes a concept and distills it into a simplistic form which often does not adequately do it justice. But, it does help me to see the bigger picture.

    When practicing Attunement on a friend, I went through some established protocols – I used the long bone and the lymphatic attunement protocols. After I had done those – I stepped back and just attuned her entire energy field. The different substances generated by each of these attunements were noted and felt by us both. We agreed that the patterns each served their own purpose, but each stood apart from each other.

    Taking time to notice our individual places within a much bigger picture is both humbling and empowering. It is easy to dismiss the impact that living in Attunement has on the world, but this was a reminder to me that we stand at the crossover point, holding radiant space for what is to come; we are a piece of a much larger puzzle. I love how you ended this: Let us share in the release of the Attunement radiation, continuing to pay attention to the vibrational Heaven, and release the blessing of Life into the world! Again – thank you, Chris, for sharing your perspectives and your thoughts.

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