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Spirit of Life – The Cloud of Glory

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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Living in Attunement and sharing Attunement from the Heart-Thymus crossover point generates new levels, new frequencies, of pneumaplasm, and provides a clearer understanding of Earthly heredity and how the human creature, the body form, works and operates. The new ranges of pneumaplasm are also revealing how the larger Heaven is functioning and one’s creative part in it.

Previously I mentioned that the Thymus radiation is instrumental in creating the lines of force around which viruses, bacteria, and minerals form. It is interesting to note in our fast-paced, virtual, technological society that most, if not all, modern diseases and illnesses have to do with the body’s immune system and the working of various bacteria and viruses. A telling example of this is the ever-present threat of the Covid virus, whether human made or naturally created. The Thymus radiation is also present in the creation of DNA – Deoxyribonucleic Acid. DNA has become a hot topic in today’s biological sciences. And, a growing aspect of healthcare these days includes manipulation in some manner of DNA and genetic material.

The science definition of DNA is that it is a polymer composed of two polynucleotide chains that coil around each other to form a double helix. The polymer carries genetic instructions for the development, functioning, growth, and reproduction of all known living organisms, on Earth, and perhaps throughout the Solar System. Where did the idea of the double helix come from? My perception tells me that the double helix of DNA is a representation of the vibrational influence of Orion and Pleiades. It is a reminder that we live in one whole, living Universe!

Attunement, in my perception, actively influences the DNA structure in the body’s makeup by reason of the radiation of the Fourth Seal, the Thymus gland. The impact of this influence is to be seen in the alignment of the DNA and the condition or shape of the DNA; for example strands that are more unwound and longer versus strands tighter and shorter; also certain DNA codes that switch on and off. I am aware of research by scientists Dr. Vladimir Poponin, Dr. Hans Jenny, the HeartMath Institute and others who in essence say vibrational energy influences and even creates forms. The bottom line is that the energy a person expresses in their living is vitally important. Love, thankfulness, and appreciation create one type of influence; anger, fear and anxiety project another kind of affect, all of which impacts a person’s DNA blueprint – our own or another’s!

The Thymus radiation also works directly with the fluids of the body – blood, cerebrospinal, lymph, and more. An Attunement Mentor told me that the lymphatic fluid carries much of feeling energy in the body. A CranioSacral Mentor once said that the entire body is fluid and it all flows! The human body is not as solid as one may have thought; it is vibrational and fluid. I have come to appreciate that Self-Attunement is a powerful and direct means of working with these fluids and frequencies of energy that make up the human form.

I give thanks for what Gary Ragan and Cliff Roberts have written about their experience of sharing Attunement and working with the planet. I have said it before and will say it again, in my Attunement work through IPAT (International Planetary Attunement Team) it is increasingly apparent that the planet we humans live on is alive and dynamic. It is not a dead rock floating through space! Sharing Attunement, especially as it comes to focus through the fifth seal and the Thyroid gland radiation, is generating a new range of pneumaplasm, a filling in of the cloud of glory, to use a metaphor. This next vibration of radiation through the endocrine glands is giving those in IPAT a means to start discerning the various aspects of Life in the planet and the planet’s fluids.

Similar to the fluids in one’s own body, the fluids – water, air, earth – of the planet carry the evidence of Life. Water – oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, Air – atmospheric layers, insects, birds, humans, animals, Earth – plants, animals, insects, and beneath the soil minerals, gases, water, oil. Life is common to all of nature’s forms. Many indigenous peoples were and are keenly aware of the nature of Life, viewing the planet as the Great Mother.

An Attunement question could be asked of each one. What is it that creates and sustains the multitude of life-patterns on the surface of the planet, the tectonic plates, the oceans and seas, the layers of the atmosphere, the electromagnetic field, the continents, and more? As I share Attunement with the various aspects of the planet, and participate in the detailed working of the Thyroid radiation – spirit of Life, the newer frequencies of pneumaplasm generated are allowing me to discern and recognize that it is groups/teams of Creator-Beings who are holding the lines of force for the various 3-dimensional life-patterns, around which matter coalesces. In principle it is the same for each one of us; I am Being, creating and sustaining a human experience! This is the first Attunement. All the many life forms in the world from the very large patterns – tectonic plates, oceans, and layers of the atmosphere, to the very small patterns – the fowl of the air, the fish of the sea, the earthworm of the soil, all are held in form by the loving radiance of Life. Which divine group(s) or team(s) are you, am I, co-creating with to hold in form – a dolphin, an oak tree, a horse, a sparrow, a violet, etc.? This is Heavenly stewardship.

The Master-Teacher Jesus is quoted in the book of John 10:10 as saying, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” That phrase is usually translated as meaning for people, for human creatures. A new translation, a new understanding, is emerging in some who recognize that this statement relates to the whole planet and all the forms on and in the planet. The sacred stewardship of the Thyroid, Life, radiation is revealed through the action and living of each Attunement Practitioner who shares Attunement, generating the finer levels of pneumaplasm within themselves and with the Great Mother. In this pneumaplasmic cloud of glory, the wholeness of our global home, the mysteries of the planet’s purpose, and the awe of unconquerable Life itself is known once again.

These words from Martin Exeter, spiritual mentor and friend, are so relevant in these challenging days for both people and the planet.


From age to age
Love’s word rings forth,
The truth is true and all is well,
Unconquerable life prevails.

Oh, man, whose strident dreams
Lead grave wards,
Return to calm and noble
Character of life.

Blaze forth pure virtue;
Depart false ambition’s restless schemes.

Busy thought and troubled feeling
Trespass not in virtue’s wise serenity
Where firm control and awful power
Eternally abide.

Here earth’s pains are healed
And cruel chaos of mind’s spawning
Is called again to order and to beauty.




4 thoughts on “Spirit of Life – The Cloud of Glory

  1. What beautiful revelations this is bringing to my awareness as I am entering my 6th month of pregnancy. Thank you, Chris! Blessings!

  2. Lovely poem. I was pleased to have an opportunity to view Martin Exeter from a little different perspective.
    I was raised by a mother who had had her thyroid removed because she was too nervous. This later resulted in electric shock
    treatments. Another atrocity! It was the forties and one depended entirely on one’s medical doctor for advice. She had a deep desire to “be normal” Actually, I believe talk therapy (and attunements) would have helped her and her child.
    Thank you, Chris, for your dedication to this new science,

  3. Chris, I appreciate your awareness and ability to bring this to all .
    Words of love. Thank you. I had occasion a number of years ago to experience the powerful gift of working Attunement through the Thymus after my brother had a thymectomy in an effort to subdue Myasthenia Gravis. This surgery was thought to help. Well the Thymus was still there and active of course and the experience through an open conduit of trust offered a remarkable beauty and healing. The MG was still there but much more manageable.

  4. Wonderful to reconnect with YOU, Chris! I love the new wisdom being brought forth. Thank you, Lindell Green.

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