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Pneumaplasm and Planetary Consciousness

by Chris Jorgensen, Gladstone, MO
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What is Pneumaplasm? All living things create an atmosphere-energy-substance through their moments of living. A person’s atmosphere of living substance is generated by the radiation of Being, Life, moving through the human form. Every act, thought, feeling, and spiritual expression counts towards the creation or the dissipation of one’s personal atmosphere. The right use of the body, mind, and heart that creates living substance immediately effects one’s physical well-being, mental understanding, and emotional serenity. So, all moments of living are important because the experience of life is dependent on the nature and quality of one’s living atmospheric, energetic substance.

In Attunement we use the word pneumaplasm as a name for the living atmospheric energetic substance. The word “pneumaplasm” was originally coined by Richard Thompson, an Attunement Practitioner who shared Attunement in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, during the 1940s and 1950s. Pneumaplasm literally means “air or spirit substance.” Pneumaplasm is the connecting medium between the vibrational frequencies of Spirit/Being and the vibrational frequencies of Matter/Form.

There are different ranges and frequencies of pneumaplasm. Each living form generates a quality and unique nature of living substance by reason of its life-pattern and function. For example, in the bio-pyramid of life forms on the planet, plant substance has a band of vibration/frequencies that are narrower than animal substance, while at the same time plant substance is larger than the mineral-bacteria-virus range of substance. In each band of living substance, pneumaplasm, there is a rich diversity present. Plant life covers the surface of the planet with a warm and inviting setting.

Sharing Attunement with any life-pattern(s) will generate pneumaplasm, and the quality and range of pneumaplasmic substance will be unique to the form. In the bio-pyramid of life forms on the planet, the human form has the potential to generate the finest and highest quality of pneumaplasm. Mankind – male and female – was created to be the crowning creation of all living forms for this planet. Through the human form the nutrition from the higher frequencies of Spirit/Being could come into the many life forms on the planet. Mankind was here to be a conscious steward of the divine for the Earth!

A couple of points to know and understand about pneumaplasm: 1) Every cell in the human body is able to create the pneumaplasmic substance by reason of being simply alive, and this generation is greatly intensified via the attunement process. 2) Original tissue accommodates this process more easily than scar tissue. 3) Over my years of experience, I have noticed that in sharing Attunement with an individual, in person or at a distance, the finest quality of pneumaplasm is generated in Attunement with and through the Endocrine glands. 4) Because of the agreement and feeling energy mutually shared in the radiance of Being, sharing Attunement with an individual that is consciously aware of their own divine identity will magnify and accelerate the creation of pneumaplasm.

The basic principles of Attunement and the generation of pneumaplasm are true for every life-pattern. Those who are working on the International Weather Attunement Team (IWAT) are discovering that sharing Attunement with a unique pattern of the planet’s body is similar to sharing Attunement with a unique aspect of an individual’s body. So, holding the Pacific Tectonic Plate or the Ionosphere layer of the atmosphere in Attunement generates a quality of pneumaplasm, filling in the living substance of connection between Spirit/Being and Matter/Form, at the planetary level. In my previous blog, this new range of pneumaplasm – a new heaven – is awakening and developing planetary consciousness in those who are open to it! This planetary consciousness and the creation of a new heaven of pneumaplasm has not been present on the Earth for a long, long time.

And another thing to consider as this new range of living substance is being generated: As you and I experienced (many years ago for me) our first Attunement, it changed and shifted the vibration and frequency of our lives. My experience was mind-altering as I could see light coming off my skin. During, and especially at the end of that Attunement, I felt like I was finally home – a home defined by the sacred living substance of pneumaplasm. As I and the members of IWAT share Attunement with the different life-patterns of the planet, as well as the whole holy life-pattern of the Earth, I sense and perceive a similarity to my first Attunement. Finally, because there are some who are sharing planetary Attunement, there is a feeling perception that on the surface of the planet the sacred home is present once again.

I encourage any Attunement Practitioner to take the leap and start sharing Attunement with our planetary home. Love the Earth. Share Attunement with the planet. Generate planetary pneumaplasm! Let the new heaven, the new sacred living substance, bless the world!




5 thoughts on “Pneumaplasm and Planetary Consciousness

  1. Thank you, Chris. I so appreciate your experience and expertise in this area of blessing all. In a service I have been reading, Uranda speaks of needing “someone to work through to give the earth itself an attunement” — to bring a control pattern to the earth, to the “elements,” to “establish dominion” once again, after all this time. I can almost hear Heaven and Earth rejoicing that it is so! I know I am; as novice as I am in attunement technique, even I can bless the earth in this way and it is a pure joy!

  2. Thank you Chris. I appreciate your ground-breaking work in this current cycle, as you write briefly about it here. It is clear to me that a nucleus composed of the required number of men and women who are well connected-to and controlled-by the Archangelic Spirit becomes an effective instrument through which the the Archangel incarnate in this Body has a means of giving the earth itself an attunement—continuously, without break, as we move through the time zones wherein each one in their home location picks up the responsibility as the world turns and the baton is passed, so to speak, from one to the next. The Archangel is vastly larger than His Body of incarnation, which is this seven-plane world [the heaven and the earth] that certainly needs attunement, and we have responsibility and capability with regard to this work, as you have said. Also, perhaps we can begin to sense how this range of attunement work begins to have an effect on the whole Solar System; providing attunement within this larger entity of which this seven-plane heaven and earth is a part, and all that is contained in this larger manifest facility for the incarnation of the One Who Dwells at the center of this Solar pattern and provides presence and identity for this greater facility. We could go on considering this vastness and further immediate implications, but this is sufficient to indicate how great our responsibilities are as Man and Woman restored to identity and function as the Creator Incarnate. This restoration is well under way, and what you have shared with us here is clear evidence of that. Gratitude. db

  3. Thank you, Chris –
    As I spend time focusing on the planet, I find that my own awareness is expanding. This in turn is apparent in how my day-to-day awareness seems to be shifting. Perhaps it is another example of the macro reflecting the micro (or vise-versa), but the practice of planet attunement is causing a subtle but noticeable shift for me. I really appreciate you sharing your vision and your thoughts. You often put into words what is just beginning to form for me. Thank you!

  4. Thank you Chris,
    My experience of lately becoming a player on the IWAT team has been becoming aware of parts of the planet, beneath it, on it and above it that I knew almost nothing about. Now I feel like I have begun to be an influential cell for the good in our planetary home’s onward process. Indeed I am that.

  5. Thank you Chris. You are a brilliant writer. Writing or speaking about ‘living ‘ substance puts an experience on earth that is essential to human existence on earth. Victory for humankind is assured as we, together love our earth and each other back to health.

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